Summer mood

ernandez - June 17, 2017

It is very strange to me when this time of the year has come. I have these feelings since I was at age of 8. There is no Uk, Italy , Germany , Spain or France broadcasting of top games , teams and derbies. You cannot see any match from Champions League or Europa League. It is just the big pause, which is killing us- the sick and mad football fans. Also there is not big football forum and we prepare bit by bit for the summer and the long vacations…. I will dedicate this post to few memorable managers through the whole season  , which were the main motivation engines and the power to survive for the fans, players and most of all the pride of their teams: Jurgen Klopp – he is in idol. It is not because fans and players love him. I think this man is not sleeping , he is thinking and dreaming only for football. He is like a …

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When to stop ?

ernandez - June 16, 2015

In the world of betting always comes a time when you have to make a stop or a pause for a little wild. The world is designed that way, that always we need time to think, rest, resolve something or just we have to relax. You may ask yourself why am I writing these lines. I will try to explain you in few simple steps : 1. It is summer and usually people go to vacation. 2. Yes, the bookies do not have a rest, but when there are no serious tournaments to bet on , your concentration is not on a 100 %. 3. Copa America is not that “fruit” or that trophy , where you can gather the value, which is the main aim for harvest, for the punters. 4. NHL and NBA are about to finish also. Late at nigh , there is only baseball and some asian football tourneys. 5. Summer in betting is the time to scratch the line and …

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