Pinnacle bonuses

ernandez - September 12, 2017

Pinnacle is one of my favorite bookmakers and it will always be. I love them, because I loved betting on US sports – baseball, American football, Ice hockey  and basketball – NBA. I have to salute those guys , who are giving maximum efforts to offer the best bonus scheme 0 the scheme for top punters and arbers: lowest margin on the planet, biggest payouts and arbitrage welcome- this is one of the most eminent and recognizable motto of Pinnacle.com I will give you an example , if you would liked to bet a 500 $ in one bookie on over 185,5 point for a basket game- the odds there would be – 1,83 ; 1,85, 1,87 ; or maximum 1,9 in Pinny you will have 1.92 , if it is NBA you will have 1,975. You may readers are smart people and can count the difference. Bet huge without a doubt , when you open an account and already have made registration , you are …

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Bet 365-bonuses

ernandez - September 12, 2017

Bet 365 is the best bookmaker in the world. It is among the pioneers in this business, regarding bonuses and first deposit offers. Actually my first account at online sports book was and it is with them. Actually all of my friends already had an account with them. One fine day I made a decision deposited 100 BGN levs and started my adventure with them. I took advantage of the sports offer 100% up to 100 BGN – initial bonus. I am very keen on betting on live events and started my experience as per the odds ( minimum 1,5) on the specified events. Once you have taken a bonus, you should clearly read and find out all the necessary terms and conditions. What are the main things you should pay attention to: Rollover of the bonus. Bonus + deposit , how many times on which affordable and appropriate odds. For what period is the bonus redeemable – in bet365 it takes 30 days. A …

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Spain and Italy – immortals are playing

ernandez - September 2, 2017

There will be a very good game tonight between two great football powers. All expect this game with great enthusiasm. There are plenty reasons for it: Spain has one of the most technical and skilled players in the world and they play magnificent football. Italy is the team with the best defense and do has a lot of young players of world class.Also they always had and have now immense goalkeepers – Buffon and Gigi Donaruma. Both teams will score and Italy will not lose this game. You make take the odds from bet365 .  Derby with many yellow cards- you know my opinion regarding such matches. When one team wants to win the game or even not no lose it it plays with even rough and rude methods.  Why I Use the word immortals – because I think that players from these countries dictate always the “fashion” in football all around the world. I will just mention few names: Buffon, Indzaghi, Immobile, Ballotelli, Candreva, …

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Community shield – time for action

ernandez - August 6, 2017

It is a Sunday promising day. What is promise us: emotions, feelings, bets and constant fever for more up-coming derbies and breath-taking moments? It is a very special game which will take place today in UK. Two team will show their bets before the season starts at 12th of August. When two teams face each other in too important games, the main people are the trainers – managers. If something went wrong with the line-ups or with the playing scheme during the game, their is the whole responsibility. When we speak of Antionio Conte and Arsen Wenger we should all raise up and put out hats down. They are marvelous persons and managers who can win anything in any of the top 5 Football Championships in Europe. But this is a sports betting blog  and I am about to make you analysis of the most profitable odds for this final as per my favorite bookmaker bet365 : Both teams to score – odds is 1.62 …

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Traders’ eyes

ernandez - January 4, 2016

Good morning, dear friends. It is all covered with snow in my city. It is very beautiful, purifying and giving me great inspiration. I have not written for several days, but I have excuse, we have celebrated New Year appearance and many other  holidays. I am back on the track and ready to serve you something unique. Soon it will be a year from the creation of my blog and the number of articles will be more then 170 ( now they are 154 :).  When there are so many posts, you obtain the risk to repeat some stories or ideas. I want every new article to be fresh and new. When you come to my place, I want you to stay for a long time, dear reader. To enjoy the time spent is one of my best achievements. I do not know how many posts do you manage to read for a one visit, but I promise that this one will stay deep in your …

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How I started betting ( Chapter 10)

ernandez - August 5, 2015

Hello , dear visitors . It has been a long time since I wrote the last article in this thrilling and I guess very interesting sequel for you and for me. The funny point here is that article was pushing me, squeezing and asking to be written. The truth is that I was not ready and prepared to write it and to give it to your precious attention. Now I am ready and let’s see what I have and what I will share today with you. We have passed through many interesting times and ways of betting. One of the most winning and profitable part for the bookies is the multiple bet sections. This is what I want so speak about. Multiple bets are kind of to want to live the dream with a small stake. To try to be David, and to take the Goliath’s ( bookies) jackpot or treasure. It is not impossible, but it is hard to be achieved. My point of …

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Betting advice ( Juve- Barca)

ernandez - June 6, 2015

Today is the big day, end of European Club football season. The big clash is about to come – favorite and underdogs, magicians against defenders, but both fighting for treble. I will try to lay out the odds odds of the game and how it it will look like, according to the bookies, you see on my blog: 1. 1 half – On my opinion first half will be a draw result . Something like 1-1 , because both teams will not think that mach for defense . Here are the odds for the bookies advised : Ladrokes  -1st half draw – 2.15, Dafabet – 2.25, william hill – 2.1, unibet – 2.3 , 10bet – 2.15,bwin -2.25. 2. The mores reliable bet -both teams to score ( William Hill – 1.95, bwin -1.91, 10bet -1,95) 3. Full time result – draw .I think that Juventus will lay the best tactical game this season and will finish the game before extra time with result 1-1 …

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American, Uk or decimal odds – pick the value smart

ernandez - April 7, 2015

Hello dear friends. I have been thinking recently which are the favorite odds for everyone. Are asian lines , american or just decimal? UK odds give you confidence , a fraction on tour advantage in front of the bookie, but actually it is on the contrary. Odds are nothing more but colors who give you the direction, a sounds or whispers , who directs you to the high way or to a hidden path. My high way is called decimal odds and variety of margins and formulas. I like to drive on this speed way with at least 150 km/h. What about you, tell me about your speed way? Good day ahead from me:)

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Margins are for losers, value is for players

ernandez - April 3, 2015

Hello all, I have a wonderful feeling that right after the pause regarding to European Qualifications 2016 the upcoming matches from top 5 Championships in Europe will bring us many nice and profitable emotions. Have you ever said to yourself , why all the figures of all bookies look different?Where should I make my bet on 3% , 10 % or 1 % margin markets? Is it good to bet on 1.9 or 1.96 – who is robbing me the figures or the bookies, the lack of value or the lack of knowledge?   Have the best weekend you ever dreamed of. P.s No matter on what you place bets and stakes, just remember numbers and figures are invented from humans , so let them play for you and obey you 🙂

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