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Argentina vs Brazil ( rivalry for all time)

For every single fan on football, from child to a grown -up, form father to son, from the east of the globe , to the west, it is perfectly known and understood that the rivalry between those two great nations in football Argentina and Brazil will last forever and there are too many reasons for it. Let’s try to figure out some of them :

1. Who is the world “genius” on the football pitch – Maradona or Pele? On my opinion both are magnificent footballers, who had no secret with a ball on their legs.

2. Which fans have more “hot blood“? It may be related to the national dances , both of them they have, bit it is no secret to anyone, that crowds and fanatic fans support their team not for 90 minutes but for 180 minute of time.

3. Which players are more successive in Europe? It is obvious that in Europe, especially in Italy and Spain , Argentinians have no competition: Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Icardi . It is not just about, they are too goal scorers, they are big magicians with bigger hearts that the other players.

4. Something to say about Neymar. I watched several games of his, before coming to Barcelona. He is wonderful, he has everything to be called the young Pele. ” Son ” of the wind is one of the names, that I had invented for him, even he is faster than the wind. In the Champons League final this year, the Juventus defenders could only watch the number on his shirt.

5. Is it about titles  , glory or it is something else. When you have two nationalities with more that a boiling, hot blood obviously the rivalry had gone more above and beyond the limits. Maybe as European I can not feel it the same way, but I am smart enough to see it on the faces of the players, coaches and fans.

No matter who of Argentina and Brazil will hold, take or win the Coppa America 2015 title, all the fans and spectator will watch every single moves of the geniuses in those teams of glory – Messi and Naymar.

Wish you many nice moments, and one more thing to add : we love football because it is game of miracles, while we watch the tournament in South America , let’s pray for more moment of magic and goals from other planets.

Have the best day of your life , today!!


Copa America 2015 (magic is coming)

Only few days left for the most wanted and expected tourney this year. Almost all of the interesting European Top League Championships are now over. All the stars from South American teams are ready to compete in the stadiums of Chile.

I guess, suppose and I am 100 % sure that the most keen of you had already read all the necessary items and sport articles. Probably some of you already made an outright bet on Brazil , Argentina or Uruguay to be the winner in the tournament. As I had promised you since I had created this blog, I will always try to give you some different point of view, some different angle.

1. Corners, as on my opinion there will be many corners in this tourney. It is kind of bet, that is 2nd in popularity after over/under 2.5 goals market.

2. Early or late goals. This is an interesting issue. When Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are playing, you may try with stake on your own this outcome.

3. Cards, all of us perfectly know what ball of flames are all the players, from all the teams competing we can accept many cards . When you have technical “gods” like Messi, Neymar, Tevez , Vidal , the defenders are expected to be rough above the limit and the expected.

4. Goal scorer of the tournament. It is the most intriguing one.Actually the top 4 expected goals scorers are Argentinians : Messi, Aguero, Higuain and Tevez.  Here I cannot give you a hint, it is all about the trainer with what scheme he will choose the team to be playing.

Finally, I do not want to bother you  or to take much of your attention . My last word in this article will be for the future champion of Copa America. My observations and expectations are that Argentina will take this competition. They have the most balanced team, good enough in defense , offense and have too many creative players , who can also score from different positions. Those team of Argentina missed to take the World Cup and I am positive that they will not miss to take another chance for Big Title.