Brave hearts of Scotland

ernandez - March 26, 2017

The rain is melting on the window and I am thinking about the upcoming game on Albion. Two brave teams will face on a pitch . One is not in a good positions, the other has very strong players and can have the chance to chase England for the first place in group F for the World Cup Qualifications. I sympathize on Scottish people and most of all on their spirit. Spirit fro freedom, spirit for winning and spirit to fight till the last breath. They have many common thins with Irish people, not because they drink a lot, but just because they are very good and funny people. When it comes to football “brave hearts” can defeat the best or make a bad results, but they are very interesting for watch every time, there is an event of football, no matter of the competition. We are here to share and improve our betting and sports skills and knowledge. My first impression on this late …

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Levski means freedom

ernandez - November 20, 2016

Good evening, dear friends and fans . I am very excited when I am writing these lines. For those who do not know, Levski is our national symbol, hero legend and the most popular club in my country is named Levski, created by patriots in very hard times for Bulgaria back in the days in 1914. I decided to write this article after our win in Montana, we have left unbeaten for this half season, which gives great hopes and beliefs for all the blue fans. What I am meaning , when mentioning the word freedom in the heading? Ultras of Levski will connect this word with one popular chant about the team, but what I am saying and will be thinking about will be further more than a chant and a song. What freedom means for us – the blue fans and the proud followers of the hero – Vasil Ivanov Kunchev, known as Levski : Freedom – this means to stay united in …

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Live betting dominance

ernandez - December 17, 2015

Good evening, dear brothers. I am calling you this way, because we are part of a brotherhood, some kind of a special society, who loves watching football and betting on it. Football is such a passion, that cannot be described by words, but with the looks of the fans when their team is scoring the winning goal or the equalizer in the last seconds of a memorable derbies. As you all are perfectly aware betting in sports is split on two parts. One is pre-match betting and the other is live betting. As from the heading of the post , you have all realized in which direction my words will go. You have made some kind of picture in your head, but let’s see what are the drawings in mine. Live betting is such a special kind of the gamblers’ lives. It is something unique and something which cannot be measured with other pleasures in life. Live situations , does not matter in which sports …

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Sports madness

ernandez - October 8, 2015

Hello, dear all. It is raining in my country and I am very positive about how we will grow up. I say “we”  , because without you, my blog would have gone away, long time ago. Writing is not just a pleasure , it is an adrenaline that does not let you down till you finished your post, or until the last word of idea that is coming regularly to your mind and dreams. The dream come trough is when you watch, participate, feel, love, adore and cannot live without sports. In my daily routine I do practice fitness, basketball and table tennis. It is no need to explain you what energy you have and how powerful you feel after practicing the most beloved sports. It does not matter from the age or from your social status, but sports are the most valuable motive and scenario, which helps us to survive during the long way called life and freedom. Have you ever thought that the …

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USA or Mexico ( Gold Cup 2015- CONCACAF)

ernandez - July 8, 2015

An interesting tourney had started several hours ago. The current winners USA, had won their first game 2-1 against Honduras, two goals scored by Clint Dempsey. US team did win in 2013 with Jurgen Klinsman as a head coach in the same tournament. My opinion is that Klinsi is one of the best trainers american did have in soccer . I had watched several games they played in the friendly games this summer. I was most impressed from the wins they took against Netherlands and the World Champions – Germany. The team looks perfectly good, they are pressing the other teams and have a killing counter-attacks. Klinsi is all the 90 minutes shouting and giving ideas and direction, how the things must go. Women team had won the World Cup, few days ago against Japan with result 5-2. Why not the men US team to take the Gold Cup? Let’s say some words about Mexico. Unfortunately they did not manage to proceed further in the …

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World is football

ernandez - June 27, 2015

It is nice to be on the line again and starting my new article about the “King” of all sports. It is very delicate time of the year, when football fans and bettor have smaller amount of events to bet on, but even tough we are all passionately waiting the start of the seasons in England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Let me give you my expectations for the upcoming starts and prognosis: 1. England : it is the tournament in Premier League, where the expectations and eyes of the fans are more concentrated, it is the the first big championship to start. Every single one of you has a favorite team, mine is Chelsea. My expectations are for Manchester United to be fighting for the title, Manchester City and Arsenal will be the pretenders who will try to steal the title from Chelsea. 2. Spain: it was a very bad and dramatic year for Real Madrid. They have changed the coach and lots of …

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What to bet on summer?

ernandez - May 25, 2015

Summer time is approaching and many of the biggest championships all around the world will soon be over. The main question of all bettors is what to bet? There are some asian champs running on and also Copa America will soon be coming. As you perfectly knew there is no vacation when you are in the world of betting Do not miss my picks in Have a wonderful one ahead.   P.s When there is not enough football is also better to orientate yourself to another sports : basketball and tennis. Basketball will be a long theme in mu future predictions and articles, not to forget that Nba-Summer League is coming and many surprises happen there, also not forgetting to mentiona the Ncaa-basketball Championship.    

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Do you know football well?

ernandez - March 29, 2015

Football is the favorite game for many fans all around the globe. Everyone is watching -from children to mothers, from sons to fathers and granddads. This is some kind of magic , for 90 minutes you are concentrated on the moves and skills of 22 players who are giving their best, their energy and power in performing one spectacle that stays for ages.Everyone is in love, including me and you. When you are in love, you want to give your best show, improve and share your feelings. We are in love in football, but are we in love also in betting on it?To bet and predict every single thing that will happen: a corner, a free kick, yellow card or even a goal scored in the additional time. Everyone has its passion. I am mad about goals, they make me cheer, jump , yell, sing or even shout like total freak. I need to know what about you?Why are you mad about this genius game …

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