Europa League

Big thanks to Lyon

ernandez - March 10, 2017

I saw many games yesterday night. Many matches from League Europa. Everyone tried to focus our attention on the Balkan derby : Olympiacos – Besiktas, but there was one other game, which took my breath away. One game which was so intense , that at some times I had forgotten to drink from my bear. Let’s see which was the game and what have happened, that astonished us all this way: Lyon – Roma : result at the end was 4-2 after home team was losing the game 1-2 at half time. But the most interesting was about to come: Roma are one of the best team in Italy and Europe, they play very good in offense and defense. They play modern and fast football with one touch of the ball, player turn from defensive to attacking style. Lyon – playing like a fist. All the team of French , was amazingly good and motivated. Alexandre Lacazette – this man was all around the pitch. …

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German Spirit

ernandez - February 24, 2017

Hi, dear friends. Yesterday night, we have watched many interesting game from League Europa. “Spurs”are out of the tournaments after silly red card by Dele Alli. Zenith lost with stupidity, after winning 3-0 at home, they oltained a late goal from Anderlecht.¬†Villareal made e bomb in betting after winning 0-1 at 5 odds. But there was one game to remember, one game which proved the idea, that anything is possible to happen.. Fiorentina – Borussia Monchengladbach : it was 1-0 in the first game in Germany. And all the chances and odds were against the Germans. First Germans hit the side bar, the game was so intense and ” la viola” were leading 2-0 , first half till the 30′ minute. The whole result was 3-0 for the Italians. All seemed to be gone and lost for the away team. This result in Italy , it was nothing but a disaster. All of us perfectly know how Italians are playing in defense. And here came …

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Value for Champions

ernandez - September 13, 2016

Good day , if you may my friends. It has been a long pause, since the national teams all around the world had played several Qualification games for the different World Forums rounds. The first game from Group stage of Champions League and Europe League are about to start after some 10-11 hours time. I will focus your attention on Champions League games from today. It is usually not the best way to bet on top games, from top Championship, but this is the straight way to catch the value, before it had disappeared in front of your wondering face ūüôā Top team from Europe and world are always seen on TV and spotted on all the sports web and blog sites. Great focus and attention, mean that we can spot the small details, where our money/bets can be multiplied easily. Let’s come to the point of today meeting, the games and predictions : Manchester City – B. Monchengladbach : this will be definitely an …

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Predictions for the weekend

ernandez - December 17, 2015

Hello , dear friends. It has been a long time since I gave you my last football tips.I am a little bit sad, because the games from group stage of Champions League and Europa League are now over, but there will be eliminations in few months ( in February). But the good news is that the sports calendar is full with another games that deserve our attention. My proud odds provider and betting partners William Hill has some good odds on a few games, that I have prepared for you. They are again 3 games, this is the best number for me, for now. I will try to concentrate on low number of markets in games, in order to give you more precise information. Let’s start with the odds and detailed information: Newcastle – Aston Villa : home side have beaten two very classy opponents in their last games – Liverpool and Tottenham. Newcastle are in good shape and will take this game and will …

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Three fast picks

ernandez - December 10, 2015

Hello, dear friends. It is nice to have you here. All the last games in the group stages of Champions league are not finished for the 2015 and only few games left in the Europa League to be played today. There will be interesting games, even most of the qualifiers ahead are well-known. The interesting and thrilling thing about making a prognosis is the info or inner feeling you have about the game and the atmosphere on the stadium, that will be. Most of the times, fans and most keen ones ¬†or even the ones who came for fun are the 12th player, who inspires most the other 11 on the field. I have prepared you 3 games as you have seen and realized bu the heading of this post. I think that in these games there will be a lot of goals and corners. Also I will emphasize on my favorite market in my proud betting partner and odds provider ¬†William Hill¬†– it is …

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Blue till I die !

ernandez - November 28, 2015

Good morning, dear fans of different teams. My heart is blue, as you can see from the picture. I am a fan of Levski Sofia , the best team in Bulgaria. We have friendship connections with Ss Lazio and FC Chelsea. This is kind of Blue Brothers Society, not only because of the colors we follow, it is because of the idea , freedom and what blue bring and gives us. Blue is the sky , blue is the sea, blue are the eyes of our national hero Vasil Levski. My today pics will be related with the 3 teams, who wear blue. The three teams do not have easy games at their local Championships but I think two of them will win and Chelsea will have at least a draw result. Now on the prognosis: Levski Sofia – Slavia Sofia : this is the oldest derby of our capital – Sofia. Levski si the leader in the table and will definitely have the win …

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Bet with William

ernandez - November 22, 2015

Good evening, dear visitors. It is a heavy rainy night in Sofia, it is raining cats and dogs actually. It was too windy in the last few days, but this is not the reason we all gathered here. The reason is to catch the values in odds and to make the most reliable and easy winning bets. Let’s bet with William Hill again. As you all perfectly know, the English bookmaker company is my odds provider and betting partner. It has been a long pause, almost two week with no games at Champions League and Europa League. I know , all of you my devoted readers and also the people, who visits or come here for the first time , are very anxious and want to place their bets on the upcoming games. As the tradition tells, I am prepared good enough. All you have to do it to prepare your account @ W.Hill, if you have not created one, you can no do so …

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Europa League – best tips

ernandez - July 29, 2015

Hello to every single one, that is now visiting or intends to visit my blog in the near future I have some special tips for you , for the upcoming tomorrow games in Europa League tournament. Actually my hobby and the values , which I search for is called “goals“. ¬†I like when there are games with many goals, when there are total turn about: underdog scored and the favorite is winning by coming from behind. If you want and would like to stick with me now and in the future, please check the below games which I had chosen for you : 1. Paok –Trnava :here the odds are in total favor for the home side. They had beaten Loko Zagreb 6-0 after losing the first match in Coratia 1-2. Paok definitely plays better at home and my expectations are that they will score at least 2 goals. Guest team is also a brave one, and they will score at least one goal. My …

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Birkirkara -stand up for the heroes

ernandez - July 24, 2015

This is an article which appears just to say one big “thank you” to those brave 11 players form the humble Maltese team of Birkirkara. They played two brilliant games and just the roulette of penalties, took away the chance to play in the next round of Europa League. It was a battle of David vs. Goliath. West Ham are far too good team, they have brilliant players and one very good manager in the face of Slaven BIlic , who recently was manager of Besiktas. One of the “hammers” player is favorite of mine during his stay in Lazio – Mauro Zarate. All the stats and mats did say that West Hame will not have any problems with the team from Malta. But what exactly happened: 1. Early goal and the total result was 1-1 from both games. 2. Red card for a player of West Ham in the end of the first half. 3. Second half and extra time, no goals were scored… …

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