Ten questions

ernandez - January 19, 2016

Good evening, dear readers and friends. How do you feel today ? What will your best bet be on the upcoming FA cup games? I would like to ask you so many questions. We, as a sports betting society and team of men and women, searching for the most appropriate outcome, are kind of a strange birds. Everyone has it is own world, but we have a lot in common sports and bookmakers offers on different matches in all king of sports. Everyone is free to chose, the most suitable bookie from the banners in my blog. The theme of today theme is another. I decided to play , make a little questionnaire with you – my readers and visitors. I want to see and read  who is standing on the other hand of the monitor, who you are and why you come back or you never return. I want to make this blog better with your help. Audience, public, fans and people who have …

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Stumble in my footsteps

ernandez - November 27, 2015

Good morning , my special ones. I call you special, because you are. Every one is, but you, especially you , who is reading and visiting this blog, you are the best. The best,because we give each other power and belief to go further and to achieve more.  Sometimes you achieve and learn  , when you are down or if you are in a loosing streak. I would like to introduce you to one of my passions. Maybe it is not correct to call it this way, but his is how I exactly feel it. Passions and inner senses are the ones the drive and direct us to exact place, peoples and circumstances that change our lives forever. Passion and the power that it has in itself is something enormous, something that even my imagination finds hard to describe, but I promise I will try. When the posts is started it can’t be stopped, it is like a big river , which is gaining speed, …

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Style + class = smooth jazz

ernandez - November 3, 2015

Hello , my friends. This is a special story , a true moment , a long lasting taste of unique emotion and experience. We people, are created that way to remember the things that touched our senses and our inner strings.  Every single one of us is like a masterpiece violin , made by the hands of Italians masters. The true stories, the real friends the unique experience moment, are the ones , which produced the best music, which stays forever. It was not long ago. I was in a special piano bar in my city, gathered with friends, drinking whiskey and listening to a smooth jazz singer. People were speaking in a low voices and were enjoying the music, the atmosphere, all dressed in perfect suits . It may looked a little bit snobbish , but at this places you can feel this music at its essence and to taste some good wines and whiskeys. The night was getting older, when something happened. Something …

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Live roulette- your move

ernandez - September 23, 2015

Hello, dear friends and people from all around the world, from different continents , but with one goal – to become better punters and bettors. It is very nice to have you around. Audience usually makes the author better, my mission is to be one of the best. I think that with your help, we could manage to be of a mutual help and co-operation. Today article will about roulette , about its live version. I guess most or you had played it, practiced it and even got money at the end of the tour. Maybe and mostly like poker and live roulette are games of psychology . Maybe you cannot be the best or among them if you do not know what the bodies of your opponents say. We as humans are constructed that way , that we are greedy and want more and more. The step to have more is to learn even when your opponents are in a sleep mode. I have …

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What winner wins ?

ernandez - July 25, 2015

It is a very provoking word ,verb -to win. Every single one of us wants to win something , somewhere in any means. This is how ,we are constructed -to be driven by passion and goal to conquer and win.If this is first article you read in my blog ,I will try to make you stay and read at least 2 or 3 more. We, here are constantly speaking about players, winners , casino and poker players, bettors. All the kinds and group of participants, want to win and to have it all. But what exactly they want to have and to gather? I will give some few points of view : 1.When you start to play with a bet, with money involved, you are determined and convinced that you are totally right. You are fighting for some right of yours. 2. Obligation to pay. When you win , it is not necessary to get paid. It is necessary to be promoted as a winner.To …

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Poker players vs. Casino players

ernandez - July 21, 2015

When you sit and start writing , it is a very delicate and interesting process. It cannot be described, just sit and expand your imagination. Words came like a game of tetris and go to the most suitable place, they have meant to be and fit. For the needs of this article we have to put in one place, at one table both type of players : poker and casino. I give slight advantage to casino players, although the poker ones should be my favorite ones, because they count more on mats and stats. I will try briefly to formulate and figure in some steps , how this match would get going: 1. Poker is that kind of game, that expects your brain to make calculations every single second about every situation that is about to happen. In casino , especially roulette , you are thinking even harder, because you have your opponents on the tables + the ball. 2. Who should be better in …

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Roulette -dare to bet

ernandez - July 13, 2015

It is most interesting game for start up in online or land casino. I do not know about you,but on my opinion zero has special power and efficiency to obtain attention and plenty of bets. I used to play European roulette long time ago. The main principle I would recommend is to fix a time and money frame,otherwise you will get involved in great losses. Also you have to know where is yours exact place.For me ,live game is the biggest challenge. In live game , it is like you are playing poker or rolling dices. You are in the perfect mood and conditions to watch the other players and to feel the emotion of the game. The day is all yours. Red or black,the choice is yours. Ball is rolling down to your sector.    

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How I started betting ( chapter 9)

ernandez - June 18, 2015

This is my favorite sequel in this blog of mine. I am trying to show and explain you all the small steps that I made during my betting and gambling experience. Some of you may just wave with a hand or put ironic smile on their faces, thinking that it is a joke or it is not serious, or probably that I had lost my mind. As most of you perfectly know, there are many men and women who make descent money from betting. Not it is time to continue my story.. It all began very easy when the bookies started to appear on line, and it was much of an ease- for us the customers to win or lose big, because there was all the range in the world of sports and events, regarding live and pre-match offer. I will open a bracket here, that bookies on my blog have a great variety of sports, casino games and poker rooms for every taste. What …

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Men Vs. Women ( who is better?)

ernandez - June 2, 2015

When I started and created this blog, I wanted to have and to maintain one different place, for interesting articles, betting advice and sport views for the main sports. Betting as a whole is some kind of very thrilling sport and each and single one of us want to participate in it. Both genres have their interesting point of view for the alternatives in sports, casino, poker , poker and horse racing – betting. It is not a secret for anyone that most of the positions in this industry are occupied by man, most of the sports traders are man ( at least 95 %) , actually it is a kind of business, dominated by men. But here I open a bracket , put a comma, not a full stop. I will speak a lot about the women in the industry and also for those who practice betting in one way or another.  You may think , that I am crazy , but you have …

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