Bulgaria can make it

ernandez - October 7, 2017

In few hours there will be a dramatic game for the World qualifications cycle – zone Europe. The brave team of Bulgaria will try to win or take point from France. The home squad will try to make something hard to believe and to happen, to win versus the team full of stars like it happened on the 17th of November 1993. Now on the game , what to bet and what not to bet. I will try to give you good and very profitable predictions, which is my main aim. So let’s focus on the markets from bet365 of course with their odds: Both teams to score – yes ( odds is 2,2) Double chance 1X ( 4.33) Asian handicap +0,5 for Bulgaria – 4.4 at bet365. European handicap – Bulgaria +2 -odds is 2,2 . Take it with 100% of your maximum stake The game is coming create or deposit into your bet365 account and let the fun and winning begin.  

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Time to win/stake brave

ernandez - July 31, 2017

Good evening, dear fellows. ¬†the day after tomorrow we will be witnesses of great games of preliminary stage for the Champions League. Some of you will watch some of the games with breath taken and hand shaken, other will count and calculate their bets. For me it will be a pleasure to predict winning outcomes.. I have prepared 3 games and much of a winning predictions, I guess ūüôā It is good when the European football is awaken and passion of billions of fans has come to emphasize the meaning of watching and betting on the most popular sport. If you do not now by now, I am really good with the words, but lets try to concentrate on the mentioned games and the most appropriate markets for your money: Ludogoretz – Apoel Beer Sheva: the team from Bulgaria lost 0-2 in Israel in the first game. At Lugdogoretz Arena in Razgrad they will struggle and fight furious for an early opener. This event will …

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Bulgaria – Netherlands

ernandez - March 25, 2017

It is very interesting, when you start to write about your national team, does not matter of the sport. Tonight we are playing versus “the tulips”. Netherlands are traditionally vert hard opponent to face. On my opinion as a fan and sports bettor , trader and maniac, the game looks like a classic draw with many goals, something like 2-2 or 3-3. The boys of Peter Hubchev are young team, which can do anything, it depends on the start of the game and if there should be an early opener. Ivelin Popov and Memphis Depay are the stars in both teams, they are the people, who can make the difference in the end of the game. Main goalkeeper of the home squad – Vlado Stoyanov is injured and there are doubts who will replace him. The main favorite in this group is France and all the other 3 teams: Sweden , Bulgaria and Netherlands will fight for the second place. So it is time to …

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Thanks to Georgi

ernandez - December 23, 2016

Hello, dear fellows.If this is your first time here, you will think that this is a blog only about football. Football and not so many other sports mentioned. This is totally not true. My big love is called basketball. This is not just a game , it is magical quiz, which you try to solve with every pass, shoot, 3 points scored or just a marvelous block or rebound. It is a chess but only with one ball and 2 baskets. It is a high way with 10 athletes, who are doing remarkable things. Basketball is kind of mathematical problem, which can be solved in billions of different ways. There is one guy ¬†from which I learnt a lot during my 6 years career as a basket player, when I was in high school. He is not just ¬†a man, but a motivation, inspiration and maybe if he could get the chance , he could and should played in NBA. All the winners and strong …

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Levski means freedom

ernandez - November 20, 2016

Good evening, dear friends and fans . I am very excited when I am writing these lines. For those who do not know, Levski is our national symbol, hero legend and the most popular club in my country is named Levski, created by patriots in very hard times for Bulgaria back in the days in 1914. I decided to write this article after our win in Montana, we have left unbeaten for this half season, which gives great hopes and beliefs for all the blue fans. What I am meaning , when mentioning the word freedom in the heading? Ultras of Levski will connect this word with one popular chant about the team, but what I am saying and will be thinking about will be further more than a chant and a song. What freedom means for us – the blue fans and the proud followers of the hero – Vasil Ivanov Kunchev, known as Levski : Freedom – this means to stay united in …

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Lions of Bulgaria

ernandez - October 15, 2015

These days in Sofia is held the European Championship in volleyball. This tourney is held in two countries Bulgaria and Italy. Many games have been played and on Saturday there will be semifinal games : Slovenia –Italy and Bulgaria– France. Today I am here to write about Bulgarian National team in volleyball. Man of honor, these are the first words I am able to say after the long night of celebration after the winning game against Germany, won yesterday night with 3-0 score. It was one of the best game, I have ever seen . There was fight and sweat, if it was another sport, maybe there would have been blood ¬†and tears on the play ground. Both very motivated teams had appeared on the pitch , to play in front of over 13.5 k exalted fans in the Armeec Arena, Sofia. ¬†The atmosphere around the hall and in the capital of Bulgaria, few hours before the games start was like in a boiling pot, …

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Euro qualifiers tips

ernandez - September 3, 2015

Hello, dear readers. As I promised , I will give some prognosis of mine of today Euro 2016 qualifiers stage. There are some very interesting games, in which anything can happen. Sometimes , you can blame your knowledge or luck, that your predictions are far away from the final result. Today we will try to be one, as a team, winners, predictors and good bettors. Usually , the best punters count their yield or ROI at the end of some period i.e 3 months, 6 months or a year time. We do not have that wide range for now, so the counting should be done after the ending of the last match predicted. Let’s see ¬†what I have prepared for you today: Azerbeidjan – Croatia : Croatians are the only unbeaten team in this qualification stage. They have wide number of stars : Mandjukic ,Perisic , Surna, Kovacic , Brozovic and Modric. Actually they have one of the most talented team on the Balkans and …

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