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April 30, 2017

Juventus and more from United

April 30, 2017

Spurs or gunners

April 30, 2017

Football is a funny thing, you think you know and realize a lot of this, but at the end of the day , you fell like a small kid, who felt and left lied or with stolen dreams. I mean , that sometime logic is not the right answer. This is the reason, many people love and adore this game. Because from time to time, there are situations that cannot be predicted in any reason or point.

I am watching and betting on football for over 30 years. I have seen , bet  , won and lost a lot, but there is one thing which amazes me and leaves me speechless- Tottenham are 14 points ahead of Arsenal, fighting and competing for the title in UK , Premier League. It is all against the odds and stats and everything.

I know many people , who are keen fans of Arsenal, they also have no explanation. The main fact has one name and it it is – Mauricio Pochetino. Not just a manager, but a titan in strategy and football philosophy. He maintained and built one team, that has no fear from anyone and can score, defeat or fight for point, no matter of the home or away ground situation.

But this is also a blog for tips, lets see what “gunners”and ” spurs” will bring to us as winning stakes:

  1. x2 – double chance for Arsenal. They are still in the competition for the top 4 , which will give them the chance to play in Champions League qualifications stage’.
  2. Many goals in the game – both London clubs, like and can score a lot. Today there will be at least 4 goals and “White Heart Lane”.
  3. Corners and cards ( over options for the total game) – combo bet in bet365. This will be furious, I love corner betting no matter if it is pre-match or live.
  4. Bet on Hary Kane and Alexis Sanchez – those are the leaders and most dangerous men in both teams attacking formations. This high voltage game will be their chance to show their class, style and magnificent skills.

At the end of this post, I will say few words about Mr. Wenger. If Arsenal could not manage to take points from this derby game, he will probably try to find a flight ticket to France. Enjoy the weekend and bet smart on this amazing derby , that is about to come in few hours.


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