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November 19, 2016

Levski means freedom

November 19, 2016

Derby della Madonina

November 19, 2016

Good evening , my friends. How are you ? How you weekend had started ? Did you have winning bets or you had lost value in the last minutes of the games? I do not know, but I would like if you have something to show or to reveal to me. This weekend is very interesting and plenty of derbies, games which took all our attention, make the bookies think about special bonus offer, and the players surely are not able to sleep well during the week which is neglecting the attention and the media interest.

It is not a secret to every regular reader and visitor in my blog, that I am a keen fan on the Italian football. There was back in the past times, when telling Italian football, you expect to see game with no goals, or maximum one,when you see superb defenses and not over 2,5 goals in the derbies. Now the game is more open and there are not that strong and unbreakable defenses as back in the days. Now in Italy there is Juventus, and all the other teams can obtain many goals in their nets.

Tomorrow in Milano it will be a great suspense, a night to remember a big clash between two good managers : Stefano Pioli and Vincenzo Montella. Both of them  perfectly well know, how to win this derby , the point is how will they be able to motivate their teams… The strategy is to take what is yours even with a situation in the 93 minute , but with a magician. Those of you can remember what times and goals Klose scored under the management of Mister Pioli. Let’s see what my betting advises to you will be :

  1. The time has come for Inter to win the derby : usually in derbies the momentum form is not the one, that gives advantage. Pioli has magnificent players, who are able to score : Icardi, Perisich and Candreva. When Candreva played for Lazio, he gave many important assistance and scored plenty of goals. He has brilliant technique and could play good in the midfield , as a player behind the attacker or as a left or right forward. If tomorrow is his day, he could be the joker of Inter.
  2. Both teams will score – yes and the odds for it as per bet365.com is 1,75. They will definitely score and the game will have more than 2,5 goals.
  3. What is a derby with yellow cards and one red card in the end of the game. It is like a delicious meal without species. in my favorite bookmakers ( bet365.com) the line for cards is 6,5 and  the odds for over is 1.83. Do not forget Gary Medel, a man that always close to the limit of yellow card or direct elimination from the match.
  4. Who loves to bet on corners? I do not know a guy, who does not like this opportunity. Corner is the last chance for a scorer, it is the option that can create, that can help or that can evaluate a game from sorrow to an epic end. The line of 11,5 corners and the over are obtainable, the odds is 2 again at bet 365. This bet deserves 50 % of your maximum stake.
  5. Whom to trust more? Yes, I know this is not the one and only sports betting blog and if you are hesitating, please look at my previous post and you will easily realize what and how to follow.

Wish you good and wish you to be my favorite guest in many other next times. Have a wonderful evening dear fans of football, betting, beer and splendid emotions at the weekend. Take care and be welcomed again and again :):):)


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