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August 7, 2017

This time for Lazio

August 7, 2017

Dare me , if you can

August 7, 2017
Super Cup Italy - top pix

Who wants to be dared? Do you love the challenge? Of what challenges am I speaking about? Are these questions just an extraordinary way to start a new post? I do not know, I just wanted to start with something fresh…

It will be a huge game to play next to my country, just some 300 km west from Sofia. It will be dramatic, I wanted to see this spectacle with my favorite Real Madrid ” dream team”, but I will be at work. However, lets speak about something funny and interesting. We are all here for one purpose – to earn money and to entertain each other… Let the party begin :

  1. In every game , Real Madrid is a huge favorite, not only because of his trainer and marvelous players, but because of its eternal spirit for victory. As I am speaking these words, the first prognosis comes onto my mind : Asian handicap -0,5 for Real odds as per bet365 is 2.
  2. We do not have to underestimate Manchester United. Jose is a tricky and smart trainer , he can change the whole game around just with s single genius move or replacement of a player. He won a lot of Cups with United as nobody counted them as such a strong and unbeaten team for a long streak of games. They will definitely score a goal and the games looks like 2-1 victory for Real.
  3. Super cup and its magic – this a very special game and all of you know it. Just a one shot movie scene with many emotions afterwards. Lets bet on corners with at least 25 % from your flat stake: over 8 , over 9 and over 11 corners , odds are as follows : 1,36; 1,57 and 2.4
  4. Lets say something about the fans – it will be a huge event with many enthusiastic fans from all around Europe and The Balkan countries. Skopie is expecting them.
  5. Real over 1,5 cards for the team –  1,57  again as per bet365.
  6. Score cast any time – Ronaldo to score and Madrid to win 2-1 odds is exactly 11.

There are 25 hours left till this great match. Lets wish ourselves many good emotions and 85% of winning bets.Cheers.


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