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September 27, 2017

Winning is our aim

September 27, 2017

Cavani or Neymar

September 27, 2017

LIfe is an interesting thing when you think you have achieved all, you suddenly fall back down to the primary level. It is not about a level of mantality, it is about being an honest and humble man.  We will say what will happen tonight if there is a penalty in the Champions League derby between PSG – Bayern Munich.

But we are not a moral institution, we are people gathered together to have fun and place profitable bets. So as a punter and blogger, I will like to show and share my predictions about tonight derby in Paris.  Take a pencil and write down:

1. Over 2,5 and over 3,5 goal in the game– odds you can take from

2. As many corners as your budget can take and afford – this will be definitely a game of a lot of corners and goals possibilities. Over 10,5 and over 12 corners – odds are 1,8 and 2,62 at the same bookie.

3. PSG to score a penalty – 6,5 at bet365. This will be the most expected part of the game in Paris. Who will take the penalty – I do not know?

4. Edisson Cavani to score anytime and PSG to win 3-1 – odds is 16. I think that the exact number of goals in this game will be 4.


Watch that wonderful game tonight and do not forget to place all the bets with reasonable stake, which I have predicted for you…


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