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Different point of view

Hello, I am Viktor 16 years of age from Sofia. I love football and never miss a game of may favorite team. I am always there, close to the pitch and to the players and trainers.

I love that game, because my father learnt me that favorite team and love for it is a sacred thing. It is a thing you believe and would die for.
There is one detail, I cannot move my legs. I am like this since I was born 16 years ago. But you know, that his not make me a bad person or not an ultras fan.
I can tell you with a hand on my heart that I did not miss any home game of my team. Sometimes If my father is not at work, we go to away games.
The most remarkable days and times for me are when the captain of the team and other players, give their shirts to me.
Because, you know when we are not winning, I suffer a lot, cry alone in my room , but never lose faith for the good upcoming moments for my team.
My room for someone can look my jail , but it is not like this. I have many shirts and scarfs, many banners and flyers, it is like a room of an ultras section.
Yes, I am not capable to move alone, but I have the spirit of an eagle- wild and free. When all the people are at work on in school , I am at home reading and following the news flow.
IS the reason I am in a chair for disabled, makes me look not like a real Ultras? I do not think so .
I have the heart and the will, I do not miss a game, I know the players of FC Levski Sofia for 20 years now. I can sing loud all the songs, I can shout and cry with all the fans.
Is the reason that I am somehow different than the other, make me not a real ultras. I do not think  so.
I can also drink a beer and wear all the casual clothing. I can and will tattoo the name of my club on my back and on my chest.
Because, just because being an Ultras is a state of mind and soul.
If I had strong legs, I might not have this strong love for my team.
However , keep supporting your favorite team, no matter what people say or think.
I will always be there  – Only Levski ole !!!!!!

Who are we ?

Who we are ?

We are young and free. We are old and rebellious. We are ultras, we are the ones that make the scenes, the art, the pyro effects and the noise on the stand.
We are the spirit, are you the spirit?
Ultras is not just a movement, ultras is the state of mind. It is the state of soul, not to be immortal, but always to stand up for your team and four your beliefs.
We support different teams and different colors , but all we are fighting for is our faith. Faith that is driven by passion and became stronger and stronger after every derby and after every goal of our favorite team.
Ultras are not criminals, ultras are rebels . Rebels for freedom:
1. Freedom of expression.
 2.  Freedom of not being pictured by cameras all around the stadium and treated like junk.
3. Freedom of spirit ….
4. Freedom of all faces to be on the light, not wearing masks….
5. Freedom of football and fan culture – football is for the people , not for the betting mafia.
We can be everywhere and can come from  nowhere. We are shadows and we are light. We are fighters and we are protectors. We protect our team, our country and our spirit.
If there are no ultras, what football will look like?
Look what is happening one every protest in every country . Who is the first  rows? Who stands up and did not go back, not a single step backward?
This is not propaganda, this is the spirit of free  and independent people. Because being Ultra fan is kind of responsibility.
Responsibility to fight in all that you believe in and to fight with a loud voice and eyes , who never blink …..
Ultras means to go into hell for your friends, to chase your enemies and to keep the flag of your team and dignity always flying high .
Freedom is ultras ,ultras is the way to infinity of belief, faith and fearless love….

Ultras – not movie stars and criminals

Hello, dear friends. It is very nice to have a place, where you can share and writhe the things from sports live, that happen and are about to be eternal passion for all generations – previous and future. This post came to my mind very rapidly and did not let me down, till I sat and start writing.

The “Ultras Culture” is something very specific, deep and magical. Only the ones , who have not been in that circle of sport live during the stadium and on the pitch, now what the feeling is. Yes, there are hard core fans  , who are coming to bring violence and destruction in all the phases of the game, which is not correct and appropriate. Today article will be devoted to my favorite team from Italy – SS Lazio and its fans.

When we speak about ultra fans, the first word that comes on my mind is love. Love mixed with great passion, to stand next to your friend on the stadium, to shout and scream from happiness, to cry when your team has beat the rivals from Napoli in the last game from previous season(2-4 for Lazio). After the game, around 500 loyal supporters waited on the training base to congratulate our trainer and the boys with hearts of lions.

Yesterday, Lazio won in Verona , while was losing half time 1-0 but 2 goals from Biglia and Parolo , made the 3 points and victory come to Rome. The spirit of the team is same as the spirit of the public, when they believe in you, fro the very first minute of the game. The real “ultras” I always close to the team. They are like shadows that protect, believe and have faith, that all the time their favorite players and the trainer can beat anyone, and can fight like Roman soldier army.

It was a game in the previous season of Italy, Seria A. The eagles were playing against Inter at home. Both fans of the teams have friendly relationships, but when it is about the victory- friendship stops. The pubic was making noise the whole time of the game, even when Lazio were with 2 red cards and were on the wings of the ultras singing fro the terraces. The most sad thing was when Hernanez , scored the ball behind the net of Berisha. Former Lazio players, was about to cry, but this was reality(now he is playing for Juventus) . The main point here is the public of Lazio.


These people are heroes, they were not one, nut 3 hearts. To make such atmosphere on Olymico and any other stadiums is honor for the payers. They are not movie stars and do not cameras to picture them. Their only weapon is passion , not violence and destruction. Their most powerful way to dominate on their home stadium is their choreography. If you have time, just watch some beautiful and breath -taking pictures , who were something like 20 m length and 80 m height, covering all the Curva Nord. Before every game of the team, the eagle Olympia is making circles on the stadium.

This is the ultra spirit, this is passion and unique and grand love. This is Lazio. Non mollare mai!!!


P.S I forgot to say grand thanks to Mr. Pioli. One of the best trainers SS Lazio have had in the last 15 years.




Rebel for victory

Hi, all. It is all my pleasure to have you here. You  may consider this place as a special one.  A place, where different people can meet, read and speak loud about sport, sport betting, punters and arbitrage betting.

Actually , I had created this place on my own, but the vision and all the new implements on the site are done, because of you: my regular readers and visitors. Ideas , become reality when you dare and want to win in any case.

I will speak today , about how good is to be a rebel. In my section: gambling and sports betting, it is very hard to make innovations or new, fresh ideas. It is one of the most biggest industry in world and has its conservative rules.

Here comes the rebel, the one who is determined to hit the rules and to claim his own truth , every single time he feels , he has the right and privilege to shout loud. I am standing here to shout and to give you alarms about:

  • You are a rebel. One of the reasons is, that you are now reading this article.
  • Victory is the main symbol of success and main feature of a true rebel.
  • Together we can capture all the hits and spaces let by the bookies. Call it value, call it someone was left asleep. But we have to try.
  • Betting, sports betting and betting tips or predicting of a game is a not 24 hours intense sport , it is 25 hours, because every single day, you are thinking of what to gather in the next one.
  • If you have been  or you currently are a sportsman, you do understand every single clue in this article.
  • We are motivated. Every failure or a lost pick, gives us the strength to change our steps, without hesitating that we are on the right way.
  • Rebel can stand high, even he is losing or even when he is feeling betrayed.


Ultras – way of living

As the blog is getting bigger and the themes are growing. In near future , I do plan to write more and have better and bigger content, dear visitor. This article will be about the most loyal fans in football, also known as “ultras“. This will be the first one from a sequel, which I guess will have more content that the one ” How I started betting”.

Actually football is nothing without the fans. Can you imagine what the game would have looked like, if there were no such fans at the stadium? If the crowd was not singing and waving banners from the very beginning of the game? Whate the atmosphere , would  have look like without the pyro effects and choreography ? It is all about the loyal fans. They are the ones , who always stand behind the backs of managers , players and presidents. They are devoted to one thing, their passion and eternal love. The love and total devotion to the team of their heart.

All the great things in live and world had been done because of love and passion. The “ultras” fans can be considered the builders and art creators of all good, unfortunately and some bad things on and outside the stadiums. But we will speak here, in this forum, in this blog and article about the positive sides of the ultra culture. The main thing that distinguishes ultras from the normal fan is the fire burning long ago great derbies or important matches are about to come . The most loyal fans want to help their club in everything, not counting efforts or time spent-this is called real love.

I will try to emphasize and explain my point of view and why I do think that without “ultras”  , football is lost. We all are captured by the magic of this game and the 22 magicians, who we applause and want to see them perform on 130  % of their abilities, as the fans do. Here are my points of view :

1. To sing for your team, even outside the stadium, even your beloved team had lost, even you had cried many times and had sacrificed many thing, but you are there to support.

2. To wave proudly the banner and the flag, with the colors you love  and dreamed about.

3. To stay always with a head up in the sky. Your team needs you , no matter what feeling do you have deep inside your heart.

4. To make as much noise as possible, this and thus you give your friends and the boys on the pitch , the support and power they deserve, in order to win and make you happy one more time.

5. The graffiti art of ultras. This is one of the most influential part of the game. I bet every single one of you, had seen many brilliant pictures and graffiti on the wall from unknown art. This is one of the things, the ultras do, they want to be always in favor of their team.

6. Behind every successive general and football team , there is a big army. This army is of fans, ultras and all the hearts that beat as one .Only one man is not enough to conquer the world.

7. You will recognize them by the fire in their eyes, by the fever in their voice ,by the trembling hands , when they want to go and sing in the stadium for their beloved team. They are ultras, and they are born this way.

8. Not on the last place I want t dedicate this article to Gabriele Sandri. Gabriele, sempre con noi!

The life of ultras is mentality, it is passion and it is kind of responsibility. Responsibility is to teach the young ones , yous daughters and sons how and why to love their favorite team. To be able to do it the same way , that your father told you and learnt you….