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Net Bet Casino Bonus

Netent is a brand which is gaining huge popularity recently. It is not only about the domain/name , it is not only about the bonuses as well. It is about the conception. I have seen their advertisement on different stadiums all around Europe plus they are very popular in Roumania.

Why you should choose for your reliable bookmakers and partner :

  • very vast number of different slots. My first passion before betting on sports were slot games and casino ones.
  • providers which are the most trusted in the industry, such as : Netnet, Microgaming, EgT , Quick Spin , Amaya, Endorphia, Evolution Gaming, IGT, Magnet Gaming and many more.
  • customer support in many languages: Portuguese, Russain, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Deutch.
  • variety of payment methods: Skrill, Paysafe Card, Sifort,, AstroPay, Webmoney and many more.

Let’s check their casino promotions :

  • 5000  Fress Spins – Special offer for a new player: you ought to make your first deposit , get bonus  up to 200 Euro, 100 % bonus up to the mentioned sum. You will get the code for the raffle every Wednesday and you will get rewarded between 5-5000 Free Spins.
  • Double up your first deposit up to 200 Euro- welcome bonus. You have to make 30times rollover of 30 times *( bonus +deposit) for 30 days. Nothing different from the other casinos offers.

My expert opinion :

This bookie looks very decent. Many slots , many sports betting markets and perfect design. Try it and share your opinion with me.


How I started betting (chapter 11)

It seems to be a very productive Saturday. There are days when I have many ideas and nothing comes up on the blog space. There are other days, when fro small crawling , flying or shouting ideas, comes good posts or something to stay for a long time in your and in m heart.

This sequel has a deep value. The first chapter has been written 5 months ago, when I did not expect that the site will come big, bigger than me, I guess the biggest because of your presence and attention attracted, dear visitor. Betting is a very special sport , not only for me. This post is kind of a milestone or a guiding light to both our ways. Today I plan to introduce you to the most powerful source of information and power for betting and completing of the whole process.

Betting is a hard process, it usually takes time and a lot of efforts, that are not seen or estimated right by the mass and the public.  For me it was very simple. It started with a book and newspapers. These days ago, there was no internet invented and the main source for information were the books and the newspapers. I will tell you how it all started, get going and proceeded in time :

  1. I bought the paper on Monday and started reading it all around from the back to the beginning , again and again. Just to make a contact with the info, with the tables, with the momentum performance of the teams, the stats and to see and smell the magic of everything, mixed all together.
  2. If I had chosen a plenty of games, the next step was to turn for help to my new “friend“, the book with every system bets , invented till now.
  3. When there were mid -week games, I made  a bet like this( 2 bankers and one from 8 draw results). It was calculated this way, if the bankers and one draw result are picked correct, to have a little plus on my side. Every other column won, was on clear profit.
  4. The main focus is to have that information , that will help you win exactly what you want, without being greedy. To be greedy, is not the right way to make betting a type of living.
  5. I was always with the newspaper , next beside me. Today is a little bit different, we have access to many sites , due to open world of internet and mobile technologies. I could give you advise about some sites, but this may come as a material for some other, new post.
  6. After read, understood and took so much information, and you do have millions of ideas , you should perfectly know how much of the value of the risk you can take. Risk is not only for the brave. Risk is mainly for the smart and flexible minds and people. When you are too young, you do not realize how important the risk is.
  7. There are times and places , when you should lose a lot, to win bigger next time. To lose some points, value or stake is common as in live, to fail. But , do not you think that all the failures we had , had made us stronger and smarter.

It is close the time, when I intend to have many other special sections in my blog. All , I kindly ask you when you read one, two or many articles of mine, just to stop and think for a moment. Actually betting is the process that you survive, feel, think and all the other senses, who differ a lot from the  process of placing some stake on some event or on numbers of events. If you turn back and read the other articles fro this sequel, this will mean that we are on the same page of the book, and with your help, we will continue growing and helping each other.



How I started betting ( Chapter 10)

Hello , dear visitors . It has been a long time since I wrote the last article in this thrilling and I guess very interesting sequel for you and for me. The funny point here is that article was pushing me, squeezing and asking to be written. The truth is that I was not ready and prepared to write it and to give it to your precious attention. Now I am ready and let’s see what I have and what I will share today with you.

We have passed through many interesting times and ways of betting. One of the most winning and profitable part for the bookies is the multiple bet sections. This is what I want so speak about.

Multiple bets are kind of to want to live the dream with a small stake. To try to be David, and to take the Goliath’s ( bookies) jackpot or treasure. It is not impossible, but it is hard to be achieved. My point of view is how professionals do the multiples , which guarantee money, value, passion and of course emotion of wining. I will try to emphasize, show and explain what types of multiples I see and figure to be the ones, that will bring you back profit at the end of the day:

1. Beware to play favorites , when it is according to multiple bets. There is an unwritten rule, that the small odds kill the big wins in multiple betting.

2. The best multiple is consisting of two, maximum 3 games. Do not be greedy. Me , myself as a mathematician, human, tipster and trader do like the big odds and the big sums, but as I had spoke with you several articles ago, we do make small steps in big marathon , called the “world of betting”.

3. Is it smart enough to combine prematch and live events? This is a hell of a good question. If you are an arbitrage player and want to hedge your funds during the one of the games, yes you can do it. If you are rookie in this industry , I do not suggest you to do so.

4. Over o,5 goals in the half time and over 2.5 goals at the end of a game, this is about combining live games, when we saw the starting line-ups. This is multiple bets for professionals. I do give you advise to try some of them.

5. When it will be an open game to combine over 2.5 goals line and over corners in the game ( two or three way market).

6. If you think, you are empowered with tons of solid info, you may make a multiple on outright winners in few well-known Championships in football.

7. One very important thing, which I was about to forget to mention. The meaning is in the combined events, not how big the stake will be. When you are fighting for a multiple to be at the winning side, the stake is the last thing you are thinking about.

I had a great time, while I was writing this special article, I guess you enjoyed it as well. Have a wonderful evening and will see each other very soon..



How I started betting ( chapter 9)

This is my favorite sequel in this blog of mine. I am trying to show and explain you all the small steps that I made during my betting and gambling experience. Some of you may just wave with a hand or put ironic smile on their faces, thinking that it is a joke or it is not serious, or probably that I had lost my mind. As most of you perfectly know, there are many men and women who make descent money from betting. Not it is time to continue my story..

It all began very easy when the bookies started to appear on line, and it was much of an ease- for us the customers to win or lose big, because there was all the range in the world of sports and events, regarding live and pre-match offer. I will open a bracket here, that bookies on my blog have a great variety of sports, casino games and poker rooms for every taste.

What do you do when , you see a new on-line bookie? I will tell you what is my experience. I just go and see the casino games and live platform for sports betting. You may find this strange, but explanation is on its way.

1. Casino games : it is a masterpiece to have a big range of casino games. One way or another, you may play on them when you have a spare time or just wait for the bonus level to come, or just to enjoy what marvel programmers had made.

2. Live platform : it is a professional habit of mine to know at every single minute of the day what event can be available live, for betting. When you are for at least 9 years in the industry , you have eyes of a snake and spot all that is needed for a zero time.

3. Range of events and markets on live : my favorite Asian handicap lines, if it is a basketball(point betting over under on every quarter, half time and full time),if it is baseball or hockey ( again plenty of market is necessary to be there).

After that brief view, comes the source of all the sports, outright, poker rooms, financials and bingo spy. Football is mine and yours , and 99% of the world most favorite type and way of betting. Top 5 European football championships are offer from almost every bookies. If you want to find the special bookmaker for you , search for small leagues, not that popular games and see what markets are you capable to bet on.

Let’s try to mark why betting on-line was the hit in the industry and is gaining more popularity every single second, even while I am writing this article:

1. It is simple an easy. You create an account, make fast deposit and that jump in the world, of variety of plenty of betting options.

2. There are no special skills needed to place a bet.Just go to live platform, play casino or poker torneys.

3. You can make a thousands of multiple bets on different games and sports.

4. If you are professional bettor, you can make money with arbitrage.

5. If you have made account with Skrill, you can make easy and save deposits and withdrawals.

6. Lot of the bookies, have a vast and very friendly bonus system,not only for sports, but for casino games and poker also.

7. If you are confident enough , you can place big stakes on live events , especially when a favorite team of yours is playing. One of my favorite bets for live is a combination of overs: over corners in the game multiple by over 2.5 goals in the same event.

8 . You can test all the mathematical and statistical skill you have and place stakes on the non standard markets like : cards, corners, off-sides, throw -ins , ball possession time and percentage, triple-double in NBA games, with there be a grand slam in baseball game and not on the last place passing and receiving yards of the players in American football.

9. You can be the one that creates new strategies, not another who just obey them blindly.

It is definitely perfect to have so many bookies on -line. Choose the best you like from my blog and start earning. But remember, small steps guarantees big wins at the end of day.

Enjoy your summer , big cash is waiting for you behind the corner 🙂




How I started betting (Chapter 8 )

Hello , dear friends. It has been several months since I started writing and creating new articles in my blog. Especially the series “How I started betting” are my favorite ones. Here comes the new one.

When you had created account in some bookmaker i.e the ones you see on my site with bankroll of 200 $.You place your first bet in sport book , then you decide to flip some slots or play poker. The main mistake is to play all the different options of betting , that you have in every single bookies.

The first thing is to recognize yourself, where and what bankroll would you like to give, invest or lose for fun. Just answer the simple questions, where and in what are you good enough.This is your key strategy.

My specialties are sports betting and roulette (European one). Slots are just for fun( when you realize how much you have lost, you had better , never started).

We spoke a lot about sports betting and I made some notes about betting on roulette and how the things are going there and what you could expect.

With the bankroll of 200 $ as I mentioned, you can calculate a percentage between 5-10% to be your single stake , no matter if you bet on one event , multiples or simple bets. If you stake the whole sum in one bet, that you have to deposit more , more and more.. This will lead you to e total collapse .

Fix yourself a time frame . Why not month or two? Create a table and write a table with every bet you make. The power of success is to write, see and understand all the figures. Even if you start losing, you can all the time analyze on what path of the road are you.

Remember, money is not important. Important is your discipline. If you accepted the 10 % bankroll stake, than 20 bucks are not bad for a single bet.

What odds to be your leading signs? Just follow few teams in one sport and try to learn everything about them. Betting or sports trading is nothing, but manipulating right with information. Information, mathematics, statistics and analyze are your weapons, which you will have to use correct in every single move you make.

The most reasonable and confident thing to get , to the winning point is never stop walking the small steps. They are the main source to what is standing around the corner and waiting for you.



How I started betting (chapter 7)

When you find yourself confident in betting on sport ,you want to try to bet on some other opportunities.

In my case I trued real-time slots and roulette. Actually the passion is about roulette -systems ,supetsticious minds, believe in luck and favorire numbers. Let me tell you my point of view in betting on lets ephasize-european roulette:

1. First you have to know perfectly know the rules and which sector ,how much pays back to you.

2. What is “voisins“, “tirre“and “orphans “?

3. Which is better to bet on dozens or on neighbors?

4. Do not do the mistake to write down the sequence of numbers?

5. My advise is never to be on red or black. It is definite waste of time and money.

6. Type of bets. Here is the key to success on betting on roulette…

About the slots . It is game for ladies :free spins bonuses ,scatters and big jackpots.

My advise is to bet smart .Take the value and if you find yourself in serious addiction ,search for help.

It was all my pleasure.

P.S And always remember ,play for fun .If you are good and smart enough ,you will get profit at the end.



How I started betting ( chapter 6)

Betting on singles looks very easy, but what about betting on multiple events?
When you start your first steps in the industry, you always want to earn more with less stake. This is affordable and achievable , but it takes a lot of time to learn how to dare the “risk” to work for you.

For example in you have picked 5 fold selections, you have to perfectly now, where to expect the risk to appear and your prediction to goes the other way. We will also speak in my future articles about so called “hedge”.

So the risk is the time and place, you are winning , when you actually are losing part of your value. More to come in the next articles……..



How I started betting(chapter 5)

Hello my friends from all around the globe. I am very pleased and happy to write my new article especially for you. When it is about passion of what you are doing, it is not a job , it is a pleasure of heaven.Actually , I was wanting all of my life to have a special place, where to write my opinion for sports, sports betting and all the related articles and options.

This is the place- my blog.All I want from you is when you have opinion, share it with me and I will be more that happy to discuss all the upcoming new ideas and fresh thoughts. We are in the world on sport and betting, where impossible is anything. Just have to be patient and armed with a huge discipline. I am 100% sure, that everyone who is a reader of my blog has all these quantities and qualities. Let’s walk the road together.

When you are deep in the world of bets and strategies you have to know perfectly which sport and which segment and parameters are right for you. Knowing perfectly sport is like knowing perfectly yourself, your body and to be able to predict every single and small hints, that differ big losers from big winners.

Beware to risk your value and knowledge on the field where everybody else do.The big betting guru’s and players have their own paths,this is what makes them just “great”.Concentrate your self on one sport and three main markets.

I am a keen fan and player of basketball,but my biggest passion is football.
What sport are you mad and passionate about?


How I started betting(chapter 4)

When you are in the betting industry,the first thing you have to learn is that money stands an the beginning and at the end of gambling cycle,all other time you are dealing with value.Actually “value” in betting is the ball in football and basketball. When you are not having in it , there is a big problem going on. I will call “value” , the ball in this article.

So , you have to be in full control of the ball. It is your opinion, who and why to trust. My advise is trust to yourself. Rebound the ball, do as many passes as you can, beware and watch the game( the bookies issues in pre-event and live status), listen what the “old dogs” are doing and score a goals ( basket) in the most unexpected moment. Surprise is the time and moment , when you can hit and hurt the bookies more. When you have a profile of easy to predict player, then your time with sports betting is finished.Also one very special thing to add: invest and spent your time smart. So when you are able to deal perfectly with the ball, surprise and time, you can even overcome and over score Jordan and Pele.


I learnt that the value is the most important thing in betting. There are different types of value:to have specific info,to be better than the others in mats and stats.

When you woke up and read this article,I wish to all of you to find your specific value and turn in into income and positive profit.

Have a wonderful day and never close your eyes,value is everywhere around you!



How I started betting (chapter 3)

When you are in the world of bets , you discover new things every single day . Being part of a big family ,you do your best to obtain brain and tricks from different guys with experience.
There are interesting places all around Europe and other continents where people gather together and discuss all info and stats about their favorite teams and sports.Do you have  a place like this on your own?

I had such one back in the days. You watch and listen to the eldest guys,they have the guts and experience you would like to achieve some day.It could be a cafe , an restaurant or just a bench in the park, where some people gather regularly and discuss all the sports and match, that have passed. They share their opinions about bets, stakes, slips and some “magnificent” combination, who will make them rich and powerful some day. The power is to listen to all , but to take brains from some , a very little number from these persons. Everyone is open to give you an advice, but the best advise it to listen to yourself,everyone has it’s path finder called “inner voice”, if you become open enough and confident to be the winner of your own, then you will here the inner voice speaking regularly to you.

When you meet and listen to men like this ,you realize that betting is a passion ,a sport in which strategy is your winning hand .

Without strategy,even the greatest bankroll can not save you from bankruptcy.