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Forza Italia

It will be a night to remember after 12 hours. The national team of Italy has one goal passive. Actually, Italians had played perfect but the chance was not on their site.

What scenario we must expect tonight:

  • easy victory with a clean sheet for the domestic team.
  • a 1-0  victory for Italy and the game should lead up to extra time.
  • Two goals by Ciro Immobile in the first half and the rest will be history
  • draw result like 1-1 and Sweden to qualify.
  • Many yellow cards + 1 or 2 red ones and Italy to win with one goal.
  • other scenarios.

Opinion from the specialist: it will be under 2,5 goals game with many missed opportunities. The Italian team is playing perfectly in defense and they are missing a lot of goal chances. I expect a lot from Ciro Immobile and Lorenzo Insigne( if he is in the starting line-up).  Swedish team will play with an idea not to get an early goal in the starting 15 minutes of the game. On MY humble opinion, this goal will be scored easy. Italy  will start with high press and will not let the away players to control the ball.

Summer mood

It is very strange to me when this time of the year has come. I have these feelings since I was at age of 8. There is no Uk, Italy , Germany , Spain or France broadcasting of top games , teams and derbies. You cannot see any match from Champions League or Europa League. It is just the big pause, which is killing us- the sick and mad football fans. Also there is not big football forum and we prepare bit by bit for the summer and the long vacations….

I will dedicate this post to few memorable managers through the whole season  , which were the main motivation engines and the power to survive for the fans, players and most of all the pride of their teams:

  1. Jurgen Klopp – he is in idol. It is not because fans and players love him. I think this man is not sleeping , he is thinking and dreaming only for football. He is like a kid, who every day starts believing and achieving one completely new dream.
  2. Zizu – Zidane – the magician. The things Real Madrid did with Juventus, cannot be described by words. To score 4 goals in the net of the team, which for 180 minutes, did not give any chances to Messi and Barsa – this is just incredible. The whole performance of “los blancos” is just marvelous. They are playing for the fans , for Ronaldo , for Madrid and of course for the 12th title in the Champions League history. This team with this manager – a piece of dream.
  3. Guardiola – to lose yourself among big money and selfish players. This is such a pity, no trophy won with so much great stars ….. English football is not for everyone.
  4. Jose – too much of provocation, Zlatan and the Europa League March. This man , like a professional poker player played his cards and was laughing proudly to his opponents and haters. He was so self-esteemed.
  5. Max Allegri – the winners take it all, nut only 2 of 3 gold medals. The “dominatior” in Italy and Juve were so close to take the final, but with Real was almost impossible.
  6. The eternal Wenger – he will stay till the end of the Universe in Arsenal. The won FA CUP Final versus Chelsea saved his guts.
  7. Conte – the maestro of modern football. One lost game from Arsenal 0-3 and after it Chelsea started to create, write, dominate and smash all its opponents. Conte was also so emotional that with this reactions he inspired fans and players.. Big Bravo for him….

Football is a magnificent game, but mostly the great power, suspense and inspirations come from the trainers. They are the generals who lead their “armies” to great battles, which we never will forget…..

Something to think about

I had some thoughts recently, regarding chess and how chess players turn into genius or just best gamblers. Why not onto teachers, which can point is the right way how to think  in a non standard manner? Because, the main clash when we speak about betting is ” Who is smarter? “.

Bookies, do have a huge staff of employments, who are monitoring every single step you take. But I have started which chess players ,as they have in their heads many scenarios and immense strategies. Strategy is not always about winning, it is mainly defending and turning your disadvantages onto great pluses. You may think, that I am writing some “smart” sentences just in order to have a content for this post. Here is the right way to give and example or just few of them:

  1. When I was a little kid i had just one passion – chess. When I was at the age of 4, my father learned me the most important steps in chess. With every cent I had left, I had saved it and bought to myself 7 different set of chess. I started to read in few years and got hypnotized from the images of such geniuses as : Alehin, Capablanka, Bobby Fisher , Karpov and Kasparov ( The POlgar sisters and many more others). It was all about one dess of 64 squares , 32 figures and great fight of minds. All the schemes and movements have been played in your head for thousands of times. This was not just a world, this was an universe of great opportunities and challenges and surely  I got impressed and challenged for whole my life. These first steps in chess playing and realizing the way how the “system” works, helped me a lot in the world of betting.
  2. Anatoly Karpov vs computers– do you think that is easy to beat a computer? Do you know what is the capacity of PC memory versus the mind of a human? We are like a little babies when it comes to a comparison on those two features with personal computers. Them man, the legend , the minds or the genius – all these words are just vague description of the magnificence of one man. A Russian chess player, which made all the machines and Pc’s look pity. Actually this guy showed to the world that nothing is impossible.

At the end of the day or the post, the main thing and point is , that if you do not feel luck and winning enough in world of sports betting, you have to change your way of thinking. You have to find a key in your internal universe and  go to see what is behind unknown door. If you change your priority sooner, there will be no secret or hidden way in the world of sports predicting and wining. Thinks and put yourself in deep action. It is your move now……


Pending winnings

Good morning ,dear fans. Start of the weekend is a very special time always. Not because it is a time for rest after a hard week, but it is time for big predictions, great emotions and valuable winnings. Weekend is the time, when you sit alone look at the stats and the games, and figure out for yourself where the exact bet placed, can turn onto winning

Today I had spotted, two very special games. One from them is from Italy and the other one is from Germany. One is a definite derby, the other is just a game where many value bets can be made. It is good , when you see something that you are convinced in . Good punters make winning from small details. Let’s check the special details, I have monitored:

  1. Napoli – Roma : I will start this analysis with two names Milik and Sallah. First can score from any position, second is a magnificent player, about whom Fiorentina and Chelsea regret that they have not kept it in their squads. Both teams are chasing Juventus, which is in a perfect strike of wins and Higuain found his perfect place in Turin. Both teams to score and over 2,5 goals in the match are the first spotted markets. I think that Napoli will win with 2-1 result at the end of the game. So this gives a high way to Asian Handicap – 0,5 , which is 1.82 at bet 3,65 and European handicap -1 for draw 3,75 at the same bookmaker. When such derby is about to come, it is usual and common thing to do, taking the over line for cards ( over 5,5 cards – 1,66 you know where). Last prediction about this game – over 10,5 corners in the game ( odds is 2 at )
  2. Werder Bremen – Bayer Leverkusen : when you see this game, the first question that comes is how many goals will we see? Would it be 4 or 5. I guess the lowest number is 4. Leverkusen are somehow of Arsenal in Germany. They play very nice football and scoring goals is their specialty. Both teams have any injured players, but the level in top 5 European countries is that high, that anyone from the bench can replace the main players with an ease. I suggest you to take here with half of your stake the combo pick over corners in the game and over goals which as an odds combination in bet 365 will give you ( 1,53 * 1,83 = 2,81 ( over 2,5 goals and over 9,5 corners)). I advise you to take also the market result/number of goals – Bayer Leverkusen and over 2,5 goals – 2,37. Bayer Leverkusen team corners over 5,5 – 1,83 , you should take it with 100 % of your stake, even with more. Time of first corner : before 9th minute – 1,83. All odds are gives as per sports book. Last two picks from this match : goal before 25th minute and goal after 76th minute- both markets are with equal odds -1,83.

Wish you all to have a pleasant winning Saturday . We all love to watch and bet on football, this is our passion and our devoted love for weekend and beer 🙂 If you have something more to add or want to advertise on my blog, please feel free to contact me –  Have a good weekend and will see very soon 🙂


End of the season

Hello, dear friends. It has been a long time since my last post. It is the end of the football season in all the top 4 European leagues and I feel obliged , I have to say few words about the Champions an the runners up.

As bettors and fans, most of us , had watched all of the games, been to some of the stadiums and made a lot of bet on all popular and not that popular markets. We have been in all the epicenter and now we are expecting Euro 2016 Finals in France. But lets try to stick to the main line of the post – the top 4 European countries and their Football Championships:


  1. England – actually , I like most watching football from Italy , but this season was a great surprise what have happened there on the Albion. One team, who was close to relegation , played several seasons ago in the Championship, had pointed out and left all the competition far behind and far away. Yes , I am talking about Leicester , the foxes . Maybe there is one cunning fox- Claudio Ranieri. He made in Italian way, he created and inspired an army of humble players, who became stars and heroes. Premier League will never be the same 🙂
  2. Italy – “Old segnora” and new title. Napoli was the team , who was the main pretender, but unfortunately the short bench was the losing card for the coach – Maurizio Sarri. Roma were very close and the magic of Toti and his experience, will leave a remarkable sings in our memory. I have to say few words also for one player of the rivals of the ” wolves” – the eagles , Lazio. Miro Close played yesterday his last game and had scored a penalty as well. He is a hero, not just because he is a humble warrior, who was the World record for the most scored goals in World Championships player. He is a hero, because he is a good man, a decent member of the ” old school” players , who never felt or behaved like stars, but whom people and fans will love till the end of their lives.
  3. Spain – a classic clash, became a fight between 3 teams – Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid. Zinedine Zidane had to be earlier put as a coach of the team, but however the title is for Barca and the other two will play in MIlano for the Champions League trophy. Spanish Championship is probably the strongest one in Europe for the last 10 years. Just look what is happening in Europa League tournament, Sevilla are again at the final, but probably Liverpool will “steal” the trophy from them..
  4. Germany –  Bayern , Dortmund and all the rest. When you see the standing after the last games, you fully realize the meaning of my words. Competition is the last word we connect with the Bundesliga. I want to say some words about the Euro games of both teams. The boys of Guardiola, had played a magnificent second game against Juventus, but the same magic and good luck did not appear in the game with the boys of “El Cholo”. The second game of Dortmund against Liverpool, reminded me of the final which LIverpool had against MIlan. They were losing 3-0 and the half time, 3-3 at the final whistle and everyone remembers the penalties and the missed one by Sheva. There is some great atmosphere on Anfield , some magic and fortune that helps the Liverpool team always. Not on the last place, Klopp is the man that can motivates and ant to become a spaceman and  an invader.

Whish you all a pleasant day. For those who have predicted the champions on the outright betting – bravo , lads. For the other- we all are learning from every single game. And learning not only how to become better tipsters and bettor, but also hot to become better sportsmen and people. Be good and be good persons as well 🙂


Passion + warm people = Spain

I love when it is weekend time. I love to see the sun and listen to unbelievable music. It is just harmony to have a trance or just chill out set to relax you down and to be able to sort out all your ideas, that you had during the hard working week. It is something very special and thrilling when you write about countries and people that you love. If some or most of you remember , I had written a month ago article about Japan , which was named : ” Japan – love from first sight”. Today I have prepared for you another interesting story.

The article that is currently crawling  through my fingers is about Spain. First of all, when you like or fill interested by someone or something, especially when it is about a country, you listen very carefully to the language people speak. As per me and my relatives and friends there are two languages that are like love songs, like whisper of an angel, like a softly breeze in the hair of the most beloved woman. They are: Spanish and Italian languages.

When I was for my first and unfortunately till now for the last time in Spain, I was in Madrid and was more then astonished by the way people smile and speak this blessed by God language. The time I was there , was when Inter won Champions League title against Bayern Munich at Santiago Bernabeu. I celebrated with Italian fans all night, it was a dream come through . In the center of Madrid we were singing songs, drinking beers ,listening to Spanish and Italian speech. It was a miracle.

Maybe till now , you will find this post a little bit romantic or poetic. Yes, we want to discuss, write and read about sports, but as most of you had seen and written the heading of this post, this will be a mixture between passion and warm, good people which lead and led Spain to many wins in different sports. I will continue later with the names of best Spanish sports men , who inspired and currently inspire me and my close friends. When you have such type of blood, which is mainly consisting of emotions and great will to have the God Nike on your side, nothing can stop you.

Win , victory , title, medals – all these word of success belong to that soldiers of great will, who are ready to die on the pitch, court, basketball field on each game they do present or participate. These proud people, had inspired a lot of people and gave good lesson to all of us, how to be not only strong and constant in all our daily routine, but also showed as how to be good people as well. In the next lines , I will try to mention all the sports man and trainers, who had left a big trace in my heart and soul. I would like to apologize if I miss someone, but this will be because, I am very emotional, even now  when I am reading this post :

  1. Raul – the magic #7 from Real Madrid – the icon. Maybe on the modest and at the same time one of the most talented football players of this century. Just remember his smile and his great will to score and participate in every stage of the game. One grown up boy , who has the charm and the heart not to be only good football player, but even a perfect trainer , after he finishes with his career.
  2. Iker Casillas – Saint Iker. He is more then the best goal keeper in the world. He led Spain and Real Madrid to great success , but also he led millions of fans as a star, which never stopped to shine brighter and brighter. He had and is having reflexes of a cat, no not of a cat – of a tiger. He gave a perfect example to all children , that if you are believing and fighting for your dreams, one day they come true.
  3. Rafa Nadal – there are no impossible balls for him, to play and to return. Nowadays he is not in his perfect shape, but he is a symbol of great will, passion and devotion on the tennis court.
  4. Pau Gasol – the leader not only of Spanish national team but in each teams he plays in NBA.  He reminds me of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. All three of them are lions, who have fear from no one and can score, no matter how many defenders they had against them. Congratulations Pau, your heart is like of an army of a hundred soldiers, ready to die every single moment on the basketball field, for their country and for their team mates. Bravo !!!
  5. Mark  Gasol – the little brother ot Pau, but the one who learned very fast English in US and deserved the respect of all trainers and players, with his brilliant rebounds, with his smile and his devotion to shine even brighter then his most popular brother.
  6. Gerard Pique – not only one of the best defenders. He is that intelligent, that he could play at least 10 other sports. When you see him smiling on the football playground, nothing good will happen. On my opinion he could be better in basketball, volleyball and intellectual sports as chess .
  7. Fernando Alonso – man of steel and grandeur. I have 3 favorite pilots in Formula 1 : Sena, Alonso and Schumacher.
  8. Vicente del Bosque – the gentleman who created miracles and brought back the smiles to the faces of Real Madrid players and created one of the best national teams for the last 20 years. Great mind and man who has strategy for everything.
  9. Xavi Ernandez – the magician , who invented the passes, the speed and all the other pieces of marvel and breath taking moment. He is one of a kind. Let’s say he was the heart of Barcelona and the Spanish national team. I have to admit that , I am Real Madrid fan, but Xavi is one of the players , that I admire most and do like how he is playing and what good man he is.
  10. Ruy Lopez de Segura – one of the best Spanich chess players. When I trained chess , I heard his name a lot . Most of you had hear his just as Ruy Lopez .

It is a very long post by now, I guess you all stayed till the end. Spain is a wonderful country, with wonderful people and many successive sports men and women. Just go there if you have a chance and you will see if my words came from the heart.



Sports madness

Hello, dear all. It is raining in my country and I am very positive about how we will grow up. I say “we”  , because without you, my blog would have gone away, long time ago. Writing is not just a pleasure , it is an adrenaline that does not let you down till you finished your post, or until the last word of idea that is coming regularly to your mind and dreams.

The dream come trough is when you watch, participate, feel, love, adore and cannot live without sports. In my daily routine I do practice fitness, basketball and table tennis. It is no need to explain you what energy you have and how powerful you feel after practicing the most beloved sports. It does not matter from the age or from your social status, but sports are the most valuable motive and scenario, which helps us to survive during the long way called life and freedom.

Have you ever thought that the most free people are the mad ones, they do not obey rules and do follow directions , whispered by their inner voice. We have come today to speak about sports madness and how I had such one several years ago. It was a crazy decision taken by impulse and I never regret about it. I gave myself a word , that I will watch sports events for 24 hours, no matter of the sport, no matter of where the event is watched – PC or TV, just watching and obtaining emotions .During that process , I tried to keep all of my senses open, because afterwards, I was about to make an analysis.

This day was a sunny Saturday morning. I started with football from South Korea, with the morning coffee. The next episode was a game from Japan, J-League 2.( When you are totally in love with sports, the time just passes like that, like a blink of an eye, or just a click with  fingers). The third game was Philippine’s basketball game(in this country, they do play very nice and interesting games, with many players from US and the rules of NBA ). On the scene came the early game from UK, Premier League on the TV. There are moment, when you just hear how the fans are singing. I have my favorite moments , when I listen to fans singing from Italy, UK ,Germany,Japan and Argentina. The most memorable thing is that they sing not only during the time-play of the game , they sing even before and after it. The feeling is gorgeous. It was time to change the sports and watch some tennis. I love Nadal, Rafa, This is the guy who knows how to play not only in clay. He has very smart hits and is moving like a tiger all around the corner, chasing every hard ball accepted. In my opinion there are top 5 best tennis player for all time – Nadal,Djokovic, Federer , Agassi and Sampras.  Suddenly , I felt interest to watch football again and switched the TV on Eurosport for a German, Bundesliga game. I have to say big thanks and to ask you to move your hats down for the fans of Borussia Dortmund ,Schalke 04 and Bayern Munich. In all of the games of these teams, I had watched, they were that noisy , that the feeling was as you have been in the center of volcano or like storm going strong. During the time of that marathon, I tried not to be for a long period away from my source of sports madness.It was 20:05 and was about time for the early game in NBA. When I watch basketball, I do totally crazy. I begin to shout , to jump , to say bad words 🙂 I am totally in the game. I love this game and most magical and amazing team is when the ball goes in the basket, trough the net. Three hours later , there was another game from the best basketball Championship all around the globe. I watched a lot and decided till 09:00 in the morning on the next day to watch only baseball. It was not long ago, when I traded baseball. It is not that popular here , in Europe, but it is a sport with a special magic and blaze of glory.

After the final game ended , it was time to mane an analysis, about what was the feeling during that 24 hours marathon in watching different sports:

  1. My mind was full with new impressions and ideas. My eyes were hurting , but it did not matter. I was happy.
  2. Sports is some special world, when you are in the deep parts of it, you never want to leave it or to stay away from it. I was one with fans, with players and trainers.
  3. I was united with ball, net , bat and the spirit of the different games. I watched the eyes and the strategies in different games , no matter if they were individual or team ones including.
  4. I watched every game in a different language . But the most powerful and inspiring thing is that the language of sport is one and it is unified. If you are in love with what you watch and practice , you perfectly realize what and how is happening.
  5. My adrenaline was on an unknown level. This was what I wanted to achieve, to jump that high in order to get to a new orbit. I love that orbit and that place.

Actually, my dear friends, I introduced you to a small part of my universe. I guess, you liked being part of it. If I was not in deep love with sports, we might never had met each other. The pleasure is all mine . See you in the next post. Be mad for every thing that you do, in order to shine not just to glitter 🙂



Bookies review

It is very nice having you around. I forgot to tell you, welcome and good day is coming again. Good days as per my opinion ,are those in which we produce and create more than the previous one. Today I have the intention to take you on a tour with all the bookies and betting houses , casinos -you see or already seen on my blog.

Have you ever thought , how hard it is to make an account at the most appropriate place. When I started ,this creation called blog, I decided to take , invite and have the most powerful, interesting and best bookies nowadays. Believe me , it is not that easy to compare and evaluate bookmakers. The world of betting is developing much more faster, as anyone had ever thought about. I tried  and made efforts to be as much precised as I could, according to my experience as a 7 years bookmaker and a guy who is in this business for nearly  10 years.

The main thing in what we are gathered for is easy deposit, easy withdrawal and good odds. Odds, no matter if they are fractions ( UK mode), US or decimal, are the meaning of everything. Also all of us want to have plenty of markets on our favorite events. It is a great mixture of qualities and quantities , that have to be achieved and accomplished in order , we as customers to get and have the confidence to put our money to a special bookmaker.

Now it is time to start the review . I will try not to give you to much information, in order to make your choice easier, if you already do not have an account at the bookies listed below:

  1. Pinnacle sport – arbitrage friendly, high deposit and withdrawal value. Many methods of acceptance for withdrawals and deposit, competitive odds. Probably the best bookie for Us sports markets and events. They have higher odds and lower margins.
  2. Dafabet – one of the most powerful and influential bookmaker not only in Asia , but all around the globe. They are proud sponsor of Celtic, Blackburn and Everton. Very nice interface, good platform for online betting, many casino, side games and option for betting on poker. They are gaining confidence among players every day.
  3. 888 sports- on of the most genuine booking house in my blog. They have everything you need : many deposit options, many slots and poker to bet on, too. It probably one of the trade mark you , see a lot while watching UK , Premier league games.
  4. William Hill – when it is about tradition, we only can trust and admire. They have experience in the betting industry from 1934. Great range of betting options on all kind of sports, including many bonuses on horse racing, rugby and other traditional UK sports. A five star, premier bookie , you can enjoy trust and bet.
  5. 10bet – I had wrote several months ago a post about this bookie, called “10 bet – the diamond of Sb tech”. This brand and the company that owns it, are among top 10 companies in this business for the last 5 years. They are improving everything , that you see on their site, also they do have support on 12 different languages and do accept players from all around the world. Very good, friendly and rapidly growing booking house.
  6. Unibet – the universal soldier. This was the pioneer, who had invented first the “cash out” option for betting on live events. Also they created the new brand – which is directed only for women. They also gained the reward of EGR Magazine for best bookmaker operator of the year for the last 2 years. They do offer everything you need, plus the live betting and odds are very decent.
  7. Ladbrokes – the school for traders and on-line betting business. One of the best UK bookmaker houses with plenty of options and markets. If you hesitate to bet with them, do not hesitate, they do have a very good bonuses for new depositors.
  8. 5 dimes – to love sports, especially US ones. If you love hockey, baseball, american football and basketball , this is the right place to invest your money. Many bonus options, rake back fees and nice slots games as well. The software is fine and the support is friendly.
  9. Bwin – to come back , to where you belong.  They were among top 5 bookies, now they drooped out from top 10, but their trying to get back the confidence they had in customers. A great merger is about to come, and they will be back to the top places. Very good live betting they have and many poker and slots promotions.
  10. Paddy power – the Irish miracle , conquering the world.  I will start the review of this bookie, with the unexpected part. They do have one of the best slots around, money back specials on great variety of sports and also they do have special and bets on politics, which can make you laugh and have fun when you bet with them. I strongly recommend you this sport master.

The time has come for the casino and slots operators to come on the scene:

  1. Mr. Green – the handsome and good looking gentleman landed on my page. The pleasure is all mine. Great variety of slots , casino games, roulette and live roulette. Very friendly support and perfect interface of the site.
  2. Mansion – they came back stronger than before. They are proud sponsor of Crystal Palace and Bournemouth. They have a great range of bonuses for new depositor and customers. They work with the best suppliers for on-line casino , casino games, slots and live roulette. If you have not tried them till now, your chance and time had come.
  3. Casino luck/Next casino– one of the most generous offers for new customers and new depositors in the sector. Vet nice looking site and many, many games and slot, with which you will have a lot of fun.

On the last place I recommend you the payment method – Skrill. It is easy to use, you may upload funds it VISA and Mastercard and withdraw with VISA and to your bank account . It is one of the most trusted payment operators in the betting industry.  The fees are not high and they are one of the best guaranteed payment method.

They are football games to come and many more other events in different leagues and sport, also there are slots and roulette is waiting. If you have not still made your choice, just scroll back and read again the reviews of every bookie and casino operator on my blog. Wish you day full of surprises and a plenty of bonuses , benefits and jackpots won.


Japan-love from first sight

Hello,dear fellows. This will be a very special post. A post that was about to appear few months ago ,but I did not have the gutts to write it,or probably there where few ideas which I liked to add to the body of the article. Lets see what I have for you today.

My first touch to Japan and Japaneese culture,was when I started training aikido in 5th grade of high school- when I was 12 years of age.I was impressed from the first time ,I went into the hall and onto the “tatami”.When we were practicing,we counted on Japaneese:ich,nee,san,chi.. Yes,I was very small,but I got estonished and felt in love-felt in love with this martial art and with the wonderful country -Japan.

When you feel and have strong emotions and vibes,you want to know everything about the object of your feelings. The next step was to read the book “Shogun” by James Klavel. I had learnt many useful information and many words -“ukarimas ka?”.

While the time was passing and I was getting older ,I learnt a lot about kendo,origami ,yakudza. I also began to read a lot of poetry from Japaneese authors. Had watched the movie “Last samurai” with Tom Cruze more then 10 times. I was working for 7 years in different hotels,where I had spoken with many people from Japan. One of my favorite authors is Haruki Murakami. He is a genius.

But we are  gathered to speak here about sports. Some Japaneese sportsmen gain attention all around the globe,where and in which stadiums they are playing:

  1. Key Nishikori – magnificent and briliant young player. He soon will be in top 3.
  2. All the brave Japaneese football players participating in top 10 teams in Europe:Honda,Nagatomo,Kagawa.
  3. Baseball – this is a special area for smart Japaneese players.

I would like to say something about betting in Japan. For asians mostly it is fun,relax and entertainment. They accept it like drinking of beer or chatting with a friend. One of the best punters and gamblers are the ones,who do not take themselves too seriously.

I would like to come and see Japan some day and to exchange knowledge face to face with my readors from that very loved type of the world. Sayonara:)

P.S I am very proud with one man ,because he comes from my country -Kotooshu:) Also I forgot to mention ,I love reading and writing “haiku”. Also not on the last place to say about “Bushido”- the moral codex of every warrior and samurai.


Simply motivation

Hello, dear fellows. It has been a long time since my last post. Usually there is time and space for everything. Sometimes you need time, just to rest or to reconcile what will be going on in the near future. As the blog is going bigger, also the responsibilities are on the same direction.

Today , we will speak about motivation. About that spice, about that flame and that inspiration, which makes people and in our case sportsmen and women to look like Gods . Motivation is that color, that type of music in your heart, that can not be described, it can be felt and performed. Sometimes motivation comes from love, from pride , from honor or just because the will to win , or because you are motivated to be always on top. And as all of you perfectly know, eagles feel lonely on the top , but their are ‘Kings” of the sky and rulers of the clouds and sun.

In all kind of sports, there are different engines, that makes different sportsmen and women, give more than a 100 % of their abilities.  I will try to point out some examples, that stayed forever in my heart and mind:

1.Michael Jordan – air time. One day , the king of the air space, just said : ” I feel like I have wings on my legs…” He is inspiration for lots of fans all around the globe, not only when he was playing, but even know, when he retired from the game. Behind his great success, stands his will. He is one of the most workaholic people , I know. He kept memories of every thing he would and could not do on the pitch, in order to improve these things in the future. Hats down for him.

2. Don Diego , Diego Armando Maradona –  the hand of God. He is not only genius, he is the inspiration for today’s Argentinian stars : Messi, Kun Aguero, Higuain, Angel di Maria , Lavezzi and many others. Don Diego was the one, that made football passes and dribble look like a childish game, ease to be done by everyone. His motivation , was the love for the game. He was training all day long , till the sun went down. He just loved the ball, the moves and wanted to be more than perfect.

3. Georgi AsparuhovGundi .Man of honor, man of charm, man of all human virtues, but he died very young in car accident. If you do not know him, he is one of the best Bulgarian football players. He did not have the chance to go and play abroad like Stoichkove, Lubo Penev and Nasko Sirakov, but he stayed as a legend and hero in the hearts of blues fans from all around the glob. Fans of Levski Sofia and all the teams and players who saw this magnificent man. His inspiration and motivation was called love and devotion. Just search in the net pictures of his and when you see his look and smile, you will perfectly understand my words.

4. Airton Sena – geniuses dye young. Formula one is not my sport, but I remember this wonderful man,this master at work, this genius with so deep universe in his eye. I was a little boy when he died, but everyone who ever saw him, was touched by this wonderful master and humble person.

5. Drajen Petrovic – the angel who died very young, unfortunately in car accident as the previous two great men. Every time I write about this man, tears begin to drop from my eyes. Even now, when some is taking an interview from his team members, friends or people in Croatia, they start to cry. He was a man of great heart, like Gundi ( Georgi Asparuhov). His motivation was, to show the world that people from Eastern Europe are one of the best basketball players. When  I played basketball, I remember what he was doing . He trained hour and two after the official training of the team got ended. He is one of the guys , who scored one of the most unbelievable 3 pointers in the history of NBA and in the history of the World basketball. Rest in piece, Drajen.

I hope , you liked this post. Motivation is the engine , that drives the world and sport to a new and beautiful places and directions. Read between the lines and see what miracles can motivation do in your live.