Schalke will make it

ernandez - September 19, 2017

A top event from Germany,  Bundesliga is about to be played in few hours. One terrific game with many questions and options for winnings. Winning for us- the big punters. I am a fan of Schalke 04, the team with the hottest fans in Germany. I think that tonight they are able to steal points from Bayern. All my tips will be according to the odds of bet365. let’s see how the game and the outcomes of the winning markets will turn: 1x – double chance for the home team – 2,62 at the same bookmaker. Over 2,5 goals in the game – 1,57. Both teams to score – 1,7 at bet365. Over 9,5 corners in the game – decimal odds – 2. There will be also a lot of yellow cards – the line in bet365 is 3,5, odds is 1,83 and take this bet with your flat stake. Bayern is one of the best team in Europe for the last 10 years. They …

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Spain and Italy – immortals are playing

ernandez - September 2, 2017

There will be a very good game tonight between two great football powers. All expect this game with great enthusiasm. There are plenty reasons for it: Spain has one of the most technical and skilled players in the world and they play magnificent football. Italy is the team with the best defense and do has a lot of young players of world class.Also they always had and have now immense goalkeepers – Buffon and Gigi Donaruma. Both teams will score and Italy will not lose this game. You make take the odds from bet365 .  Derby with many yellow cards- you know my opinion regarding such matches. When one team wants to win the game or even not no lose it it plays with even rough and rude methods.  Why I Use the word immortals – because I think that players from these countries dictate always the “fashion” in football all around the world. I will just mention few names: Buffon, Indzaghi, Immobile, Ballotelli, Candreva, …

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Love to

ernandez - July 28, 2017

It is funny how the world goes around. Usually when we speak about planets we imagine balls. The oval shape, which describes the magic, the live and the eternal spirit of each human being to perfection. Perfection and beauty : these words stay behind each of the most dramatic, loved and amazing sports in our times. Yes,  I am speaking about: football, basketball and tennis. Among this sports I will put casino -roulette. As the ball in roulette is the most eminent player. When the ball will find and land in the correct number, which symbolises : birth date, number of favourite player or just the zero sector and the glory of birth and death. So this article is not a poem or something in deep connection with literature, So I will try to emphasise on the aspects of my point of view- why I love to bet: Just I love the numbers and odds – 1,5 , 3.5 , 11 and 21. Why not …

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Bulgaria – Netherlands

ernandez - March 25, 2017

It is very interesting, when you start to write about your national team, does not matter of the sport. Tonight we are playing versus “the tulips”. Netherlands are traditionally vert hard opponent to face. On my opinion as a fan and sports bettor , trader and maniac, the game looks like a classic draw with many goals, something like 2-2 or 3-3. The boys of Peter Hubchev are young team, which can do anything, it depends on the start of the game and if there should be an early opener. Ivelin Popov and Memphis Depay are the stars in both teams, they are the people, who can make the difference in the end of the game. Main goalkeeper of the home squad – Vlado Stoyanov is injured and there are doubts who will replace him. The main favorite in this group is France and all the other 3 teams: Sweden , Bulgaria and Netherlands will fight for the second place. So it is time to …

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Which one is for you ?

ernandez - November 29, 2016

Hello dear , bettors and punters. Yes, you are here one place, which looks very comfortable and beautiful. It is this way, because I want you yo feel well and in good mood. When I had created this blog, nearly 2 years ago, I promised myself to create one unique place, when you will be able to read about your favorite teams and sports, where you will be able and get orientated which is the best sports book for you.  A place, that will make you feel cozy and comfortable. This post will be dedicated to all the bookies, which banners you see on the right column of the blog. To chose the best bookies for you is not an easy choice. I would like to give you my opinion as trader, punter, bettor , fan and guy, who loves numbers and odds:– the world leader, which gives you 100 % bonus up to 100 pounds, euro or US dollars. The leader in online …

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Weekend thril

ernandez - September 7, 2016

Good morning, to all of you who likes visiting and reading my posts. Some of you may have the advantage to follow my tips and add value to their betting accounts. Does not matter from which group you are, I will kindly ask you to continue reading and just take notes of my predictions for the weekend. I have searched for a while and found two games. One is a derby , that most of you are expecting it, with a great passion. The other is a game that definitely will be a thriller. For the same time as in the previous post I have picked one game from England and another from Italy. It seem like they are my favorite Championships. Let’s focus now on the upcoming matches: The derby of Manchester ( City vs. United) – those two team including Chelsea will be the main pretenders for the title this season. The main lights fall on the clash of the both managers – …

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Outright betting – lack of knowledge or..?

ernandez - August 3, 2015

Hello to all. This is an article, which was about to appear long time ago, but I said every time to my self that I am not ready to write it. Now the time has come and let’s try to figure out with mutual efforts this type of betting, which actually is more interesting for the professional punters than to the ordinary bettors. First of all, in my betting experience I rarely put outright bets. The reason for this is that in football, basketball ( Euroleague and NBA), baseball -seasons are too long and you cannot predict every situation that is about to happen. Most of the people do bet on their favorite team, this is now wring way , but mostly is the mosrt profitable for the bookies. The main clue, the most important reason is to have deep and solid info what is happening with the team on and off the pitch. Usually most memorable and important thing do happen in the Lockers‘ …

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Copa America 2015 (magic is coming)

ernandez - June 11, 2015

Only few days left for the most wanted and expected tourney this year. Almost all of the interesting European Top League Championships are now over. All the stars from South American teams are ready to compete in the stadiums of Chile. I guess, suppose and I am 100 % sure that the most keen of you had already read all the necessary items and sport articles. Probably some of you already made an outright bet on Brazil , Argentina or Uruguay to be the winner in the tournament. As I had promised you since I had created this blog, I will always try to give you some different point of view, some different angle. 1. Corners, as on my opinion there will be many corners in this tourney. It is kind of bet, that is 2nd in popularity after over/under 2.5 goals market. 2. Early or late goals. This is an interesting issue. When Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are playing, you may try with stake …

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Underdogs – smart punters’ hit

ernandez - June 5, 2015

Since the starting of the first offered event for betting, the teams are split on two favorites and underdogs. Favorites are the most important for the fans and bookies, they stand on the lower odds and attract big sums, bets and attention. Underdogs, they usually stay out of the scene waiting for the perfect moment to appear and to take the applause from the public and masses. The trick ,the main masterpiece and glamour of catching such kind of high odds is the patience to know when to hit and how to grab the moment. Usually it is not about the value , it is about the moment ,to grab and harvest your knowledge and to harmonize in one : stake, odds, win and inner satisfaction. The percentage of such punters is very low between 0.1 and 0.5 % . They can be from any profession , any country, any genre. They are just too smart for the normal people and bookies. They are some …

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Roll the dices (luck or magic)

ernandez - June 4, 2015

It has been a long time,since I wanted to write this lines. We have spoke about different types of betting and kind of games. no matter which. Dices are something very special.They are like the cards , but have their special inner magic. There are great numbers of games with dices. The most important and world well-known is backgammon. I use to play backgammon a lot. I will not explain you about the different kinds of this game. We are now speaking about the dices. Also there is another game popular in my country, which is called general. It is originally played with 5 dices.  The rules are common for poker with 5 cards. If you have made some figure i.e 3 times tree and two times 6 , you have full house and the numbers of what you did are written in a paper table. If you do with a single trow 5 sames numbers i.e sixes it is called “general” , and because …

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