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Love to

It is funny how the world goes around. Usually when we speak about planets we imagine balls. The oval shape, which describes the magic, the live and the eternal spirit of each human being to perfection. Perfection and beauty : these words stay behind each of the most dramatic, loved and amazing sports in our times.

Yes,  I am speaking about: football, basketball and tennis. Among this sports I will put casino -roulette. As the ball in roulette is the most eminent player. When the ball will find and land in the correct number, which symbolises : birth date, number of favourite player or just the zero sector and the glory of birth and death.

So this article is not a poem or something in deep connection with literature, So I will try to emphasise on the aspects of my point of view- why I love to bet:

  1. Just I love the numbers and odds – 1,5 , 3.5 , 11 and 21. Why not 1.95 on 1.95 the lines on low margin for NBA games in pinnacle. Numbers are like the symbols of eternal search. Search of dominance and winning stakes…
  2. When the ball is moving ? You know in tennis, basket and football that dynamics of the ball is a function of many qualities of the players.. Recently I watch and bet a lot on tennis. What we see there: huge athletes show their precise and gentle hits. They are flirting with the ball in some kind of a weird way, but this is the drama and the suspense. This is the reason why millions of people play and bet on this game.
  3. Basketball – my first and never ending love. When I watch and bet on basket, I am like totally hypnotised. It is all about maths and powers of impossible to predict events, baskets, blocks, assists and breath taking lay-ups, slams or halley-ups. It is the magic of everything concentrated in a small playground with 10 super athletes. It is just gorgeous..
  4. Football – it is a crazy competition for goals, cards and corners. First of all I love the crowd, the crazy shouting fans , who come to demons and then fell on their seat exhausted if their favourite team failed to win….
  5. Casino-roulette –  it is a flirt with the ball and the numbers : small ones, dozens, big ones and her majesty – the green goddess “zero”.  I never placed bets on colour, just some logical stakes. Roulette playing is like participating in a tour of Formula 1. The speed of all the emotions could lift you up to a heaven or hell. In all that time of high adrenalin, you feel your self in another dimension and level.

Words can be a good fellows or sometimes they turn back and kill you softly. I think in those post, they help us both. Tell me why you love to bet? Where your passion comes from ? Be good and stake with reasonable amounts :):):)


Outright betting – lack of knowledge or..?

Hello to all. This is an article, which was about to appear long time ago, but I said every time to my self that I am not ready to write it. Now the time has come and let’s try to figure out with mutual efforts this type of betting, which actually is more interesting for the professional punters than to the ordinary bettors.

First of all, in my betting experience I rarely put outright bets. The reason for this is that in football, basketball ( Euroleague and NBA), baseball -seasons are too long and you cannot predict every situation that is about to happen. Most of the people do bet on their favorite team, this is now wring way , but mostly is the mosrt profitable for the bookies. The main clue, the most important reason is to have deep and solid info what is happening with the team on and off the pitch. Usually most memorable and important thing do happen in the Lockersrooms.

I will try to give you some examples with some outright winners , in already finished Championships in Basketball and European football:

1. Real Madrid and its Euroleague title. Real have not won this one for a long period. They were dominating the whole season in Spain and by all reason they finished the season with winning the Euroleague title .

2. Chelsea and the early killed competition in UK , Premier League. Mourinho is type of rare genius, who is eager to win everywhere , everything.Previous season he did not won anything, so the simple logic and the statistical measures do had directed to winning of at least 2 titles, which have happened.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers and the way to the final. This is most probably the event in outright section of bookies , with best turnover. The Lebron mania is something which can be compared with the era of M.Jordan. This product of basketball and marketing is created so , that in order great sales to be made, his current team, could go at least to the final. Congratulations to Stev Kerry and marvelous Warriors, they were just incredible.

4. “Old Segnora” – who had e doubt that they will take the both titles in Italy –Scudetto and Coppa Italia. The good and unexpectedly competition cam from Lazio. The squad from Roma, tried and gave their best to finish third and to try to compete and win against the best in Italy.

5. Zenit Petersburg – the magic from Petersburg. I am very sad for them , because they were very close to eliminate Sevilla in Europa League semi final. Probably one of the best teams in Europa in the last 10 years.It was more than expected , they to be entitled for the Champions in Russia Premier League.

6. Mexico to win the ConcacafGold Cup 2015. I had an article which you may read after this one. Meico and USa were the two favorites, but my opinion is that the pressure came too much on the shoulders on Jurgen Klinsmann boys.

7.Bayern– they always win few months before the end of the  season. The only thing they did not win , was the DFB Pokal. With this layers and the amazing trainer – Pep Guardiola, I do have expectations that they can take this year Champions League.

I hope you like this article and may find it useful for your future outright betting. The main point for me is to be able to sort and deal very delicate with information and to implement it in the most profitable way for you.

Have a wonderful day, dear reader , bettor and friend 🙂


Copa America 2015 (magic is coming)

Only few days left for the most wanted and expected tourney this year. Almost all of the interesting European Top League Championships are now over. All the stars from South American teams are ready to compete in the stadiums of Chile.

I guess, suppose and I am 100 % sure that the most keen of you had already read all the necessary items and sport articles. Probably some of you already made an outright bet on Brazil , Argentina or Uruguay to be the winner in the tournament. As I had promised you since I had created this blog, I will always try to give you some different point of view, some different angle.

1. Corners, as on my opinion there will be many corners in this tourney. It is kind of bet, that is 2nd in popularity after over/under 2.5 goals market.

2. Early or late goals. This is an interesting issue. When Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are playing, you may try with stake on your own this outcome.

3. Cards, all of us perfectly know what ball of flames are all the players, from all the teams competing we can accept many cards . When you have technical “gods” like Messi, Neymar, Tevez , Vidal , the defenders are expected to be rough above the limit and the expected.

4. Goal scorer of the tournament. It is the most intriguing one.Actually the top 4 expected goals scorers are Argentinians : Messi, Aguero, Higuain and Tevez.  Here I cannot give you a hint, it is all about the trainer with what scheme he will choose the team to be playing.

Finally, I do not want to bother you  or to take much of your attention . My last word in this article will be for the future champion of Copa America. My observations and expectations are that Argentina will take this competition. They have the most balanced team, good enough in defense , offense and have too many creative players , who can also score from different positions. Those team of Argentina missed to take the World Cup and I am positive that they will not miss to take another chance for Big Title.


Underdogs – smart punters’ hit

Since the starting of the first offered event for betting, the teams are split on two favorites and underdogs. Favorites are the most important for the fans and bookies, they stand on the lower odds and attract big sums, bets and attention. Underdogs, they usually stay out of the scene waiting for the perfect moment to appear and to take the applause from the public and masses.

The trick ,the main masterpiece and glamour of catching such kind of high odds is the patience to know when to hit and how to grab the moment. Usually it is not about the value , it is about the moment ,to grab and harvest your knowledge and to harmonize in one : stake, odds, win and inner satisfaction.

The percentage of such punters is very low between 0.1 and 0.5 % . They can be from any profession , any country, any genre. They are just too smart for the normal people and bookies. They are some special aspect of the world and mass of bettors.

Usually they bet on not that popular sports like : rugby , baseball ( for Europeans) , handball,badminton,table tennis, volleyball(low divisions) or even chess. Their main power it that have information, that cannot be found anywhere, they just read between the lines. I can bet that there is now one, who is reading my article and smiled to himself.

You can ask , how I can be such a punter? I am for over 8 years in the industry, and could tell you that there is no certain path or formula.Just follow your instincts and try to sort the information that you have access to. First is the rumor, the information, mathematical way to be given by the bookies, and your best choice.


Just remember , the choice to be winner, punter and smart guy is all yours.




Roll the dices (luck or magic)

It has been a long time,since I wanted to write this lines. We have spoke about different types of betting and kind of games. no matter which. Dices are something very special.They are like the cards , but have their special inner magic.

There are great numbers of games with dices. The most important and world well-known is backgammon. I use to play backgammon a lot. I will not explain you about the different kinds of this game. We are now speaking about the dices. Also there is another game popular in my country, which is called general. It is originally played with 5 dices.  The rules are common for poker with 5 cards. If you have made some figure i.e 3 times tree and two times 6 , you have full house and the numbers of what you did are written in a paper table. If you do with a single trow 5 sames numbers i.e sixes it is called “general” , and because it was made with a single trow the sum of all dices gets doubled.

So now we well be speaking about the luck and magic in dices. There are many movies about gamblers , playing crabs. In the movies it is all about tricks and luck, but is it also magic. Let’s try to give few definitions about the magic of the dices :

1. It is the magic in the form and the numbers written. Everyone believes , he has a lucky number.Magic is when he thinks of it and after the flip or roll the number is there on the table.

2. Dices are on of the easiest, most poplar and fastest games of betting nowadays and in the past. You can imagine how much time it takes for a poker game, time for predicting and betting on football game, playing a real or virtual casino. Easiest is always the favorite of the masses.

3. Have you thought that numbers are all related to our life? It is all about dates, number, figure, counting from one to ten for anything, remembering that 13 is the number, 666 is the number of the devil. Dices is the example , how everything is written on two cubes. The only defect of dices is that they have zero, as the roulette does.

4. How to throw the dice? It is common like in baseball, how pitcher is throwing the ball. It is trick, magic and luck, why not luck? It is in the fingers of faith, hope, skill and which,. You think I want sixes and ones to come and you make the flip.

5. Everyone thinks , he is the best in rolling the dices. It is common to the players who play multiple bets. It is kind of I am the best, because I think I know how the what to make, to produce better score or count.

At the end, I can conclude that dices are mixture of luck and magic . We have figures, passion and fever for betting and proving that every single one is the best. Figures and numbers are the places in life, company and public we want to be and stay.

Wish to everyone of you to be number one. In the “dice” language of the article , be always on the six 🙂



Men Vs. Women ( who is better?)

When I started and created this blog, I wanted to have and to maintain one different place, for interesting articles, betting advice and sport views for the main sports. Betting as a whole is some kind of very thrilling sport and each and single one of us want to participate in it.

Both genres have their interesting point of view for the alternatives in sports, casino, poker , poker and horse racing – betting. It is not a secret for anyone that most of the positions in this industry are occupied by man, most of the sports traders are man ( at least 95 %) , actually it is a kind of business, dominated by men.

But here I open a bracket , put a comma, not a full stop. I will speak a lot about the women in the industry and also for those who practice betting in one way or another.  You may think , that I am crazy , but you have the full right to have your personal opinion.

I will make the effort to lay the benefits and handicaps women do have over man in this tricky sport:

1. Women are very sensitive. This may help them and give them when to stop or whether to take big risk.

2. They are not so good in maths and stats but know curios facts i.e about some footballers, basketball players etc.

3. Passion is the main difference between men and women. Believe I saw many women, who burn in the passion of them game, scream, shout , jump, yell or even cry for their team, for their bet for the lucky flip on the slot, or even for the winning hand in poker.

4. Their main joker is that they are always underestimated. This their main weapon. When you are under-rated ,you can enlarge all the possibilities , capabilities and dreams that you have , you can spread your wings and conquer everything.

5.One of the best sports journalists in USA are women . I have watched a lot of games from NBA 2013?2014 Playoffs and there were many women who did interviews with Lebron James. I was astonished from their vast sport culture.

6. It does not matter how big the loss is, women always take it with a smile. I saw many women losing piles of money on slots and casino . They were like, nothing happened. Maybe somewhere deep inside, they had bad feelings and sorrow, but for the public they gave huge smiles .

7. Stress test winners . Nature created women, to be more flexible and accurate on stress. They just wave with the hand and skip the emotion . You can imagine what is for us -men, if our favorite team lost in the last minute of the game, or the captain of the national team, missed a penalty.

As a conclusion , I can say : do not underestimate women, they are coming with large steps in the world of betting and soon will be the time, when a woman will be a chief head officer of a big betting company.

Have a brilliant day 🙂



What to bet on summer?

Summer time is approaching and many of the biggest championships all around the world will soon be over.

The main question of all bettors is what to bet?

There are some asian champs running on and also Copa America will soon be coming.

As you perfectly knew there is no vacation when you are in the world of betting

Do not miss my picks in

Have a wonderful one ahead.


P.s When there is not enough football is also better to orientate yourself to another sports : basketball and tennis. Basketball will be a long theme in mu future predictions and articles, not to forget that Nba-Summer League is coming and many surprises happen there, also not forgetting to mentiona the Ncaa-basketball Championship.



Skrill – the perfect deal

As a tipster and bettor, I have tested many ways and payment methods. Did deposits with credit cards, bank order and Skrill.

What are the preferences and advantages about depositing and withdrawing with Skrill?

1. It is easy and instant.

2. One of the best digital e-wallets for the past 10 years.

3. It is world-wide recognizable and all the bookies support this option for depositing.

4. It it trustful and worth it to have an account with them. Also If you become a Vip member you have many preferences.

5. They have the prepaid card , which also make the withdrawals easy, secure and confident for the customers.


I already made my account with them 5 years ago.

What about you?


P.s They were known in the past with the name Moneybookers Actually they gained much of their popularity with this name.



Who will advance ahead?

Champions League second leg games are coming. It is a promising nigh to remember in Madrid and will be very dramatic in Munich.

Real Madrid and Munich are n very bad shape now. Municg had lost 0-1 by Augsburg and Real gave up the title after disappointing 2-2 result with Valencia at Bernabeu.

But there is one great factor here , I can not just pass like that. It is the public in Germany and Spain, they will give their best to encourage their teams and to give a support of 200 % and to be the 12th player for not even 90th but if is necessary for 120th minutes times of play.

The problem of Real looks easy to solve, if they do score at least a goal , they will proceed to the final stage. There is a conflict in the locker’s room at Madrid, as I have see the way players are looking at each other on the pitch after the goals by Valencia. The pressure is between Bale and Ronaldo. They are stars , but they are too selfish and what all the attention and star dust to be just for them. When they will be playing against “old segnora” , they have to leave back all the arguments and conflicts.

Bayern proceeded to this level after another bad result , but the opponent was not of that grandeur. Barcelona is playing good not only in offense, they do not let other teams score easily in their net. Actually Bayern lost they previous game in the last 15 minutes of play. Suarez, Neymar and Messi will be sneaking on the line of offside to score some of their tremendous goals, still to come and still to amaze us – the fans and the writers.

On my opinion Real will take the win and Bayern will have a draw result 2-2 with Barcelona.

Good luck to all bettors and also to the spectators, who expect a wonderful show to come !!!






10 bet – the diamond of Sb Tech

Dear friends, I would like to introduce you one of the best sites nowadays. All of you had heard and bet at william hill, 5 dimes , unibet, bwin , dafabet, pinnacle and 888 sports.

10 bet is something unique and intriguing. They are part of Sb tech, a company that offers white label solutions for existing or up-coming bookies. The 10 bet bookie, offers great variety of sports and markets and has very nice live platform.

Also their interface is friendly and welcoming , the depositing methods are set to the ease of a customer and as well they have friendly support.Not forgetting to mention their odds, they are very correct, give good margins and cover the most known and popular events from globe sports calendar.
Recently they have perfect options for horse-racing betting.

Try them and you will get satisfied from everything .