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Thanks to Georgi

Hello, dear fellows.If this is your first time here, you will think that this is a blog only about football. Football and not so many other sports mentioned. This is totally not true.

My big love is called basketball. This is not just a game , it is magical quiz, which you try to solve with every pass, shoot, 3 points scored or just a marvelous block or rebound. It is a chess but only with one ball and 2 baskets. It is a high way with 10 athletes, who are doing remarkable things. Basketball is kind of mathematical problem, which can be solved in billions of different ways.

There is one guy  from which I learnt a lot during my 6 years career as a basket player, when I was in high school. He is not just  a man, but a motivation, inspiration and maybe if he could get the chance , he could and should played in NBA. All the winners and strong men from Levski sports clubs are with the name Georgi – Georgi Ivanov – Gonzo, Georgi Asparuhov – GUndi and Georgi Mladenov. I want to thank to Jor, the man who coudl score 100 points with such ease as Michael Jordan is winning his first slam dunk competition . Let’s see for what I am grateful:

  1. His dribble – amazing, not just because he is one of the best in the last 100 years in Europe, it is because such dribble cannot be seen anymore.
  2. Leadership – unfortunately we do not have such player in our football team and basket one at that time. I clearly remember during the time-outs how he was shouting and motivating his team mates.
  3. Spirit of the winner – like an eagle, he always sees and seeks the pray before anyone else will know what will follow.
  4. Resemblance with Gonzo – both of them will die, but Levski winn always win. One car scored a goal with a blood on his head, the other could shoot a 3 pointer – buzzer beater , which will leave anyone speechless .
  5. Ivo Ivanov and  Mladen Mladenov “the teacher “- for those who do not now, the father of Joro is with his name and he learnt many people to play well and to love this game. I am mentioning the great writer and journalist Ivo Ivanov because I read one article about those two people and the basketball game in Bulgaria.
  6. To score 3 pointer like free-throws – this man took several times my breath. He had a magnificent right hand, yes he was a little bit selfish sometimes, but one of the best , why not the best Bg player of all times.
  7. The tears of the winner – I remember many times his tears from happiness and joy. The big men and basketball players cry like little kids, because when they see all their dreams come true, this is the only way t express and relief the big pressure on their shoulders.  I remember when Jordan was crying , when he won his first NBA title.

Thanks Mr . Mladenov, thanks Georgi, thanks Joro you made and inspired us for big deeds. The good sportsmen is like a good book,, his experience and love with the ball an the game, stay forever in the hearts of the fans. Be good and be always inspired, my friends. Joro Mladenov had it all , hopefully we will soon have player like him.

Second sport for betting

Hello, dear fans. I call you fans, because you cannot be a bettor, without being a fan of sports club, specific sports or just a marvelous player. Today is sunny in my country and I am prepared for a very long and interesting post. I was thinking to myself recently, that I should writ more about some other sports then football.

Basketball is one of the sports with millions of fans, why not billions. Everyone knows the names of : Jordan, Pippen, Lebron James, Dwane Wade, Spanulis, Vlade Divac, Drajen Petrovic ( RIP Croatian legend and hero ) , Steph Kurry, De Andre Jordan , Chris Paul and many others. In game of 40 minutes, in NBA are 48 ( 4 times 12 minutes ) you can see so much of an athletes, jumps, block shot, steals, dynamics, passes that can take your breath , buzzer beaters , come backs i.e your team is losing by 30 points in the end of the 3rd quarter and the best player of yours appears on the field and decides the games. It is not a game, basketball is a magic, done by 10 people on the playground, leaded by 2 managers and one ball, which is the original spice in the both baskets. Points , this will be the issue of the upcoming words of this article.

In the other games with a ball, each point or goals scored is calculated only by one point , no other measures. But in basketball you have 1 point scored ( a free-throw) ,  2 points( basket from the paint) and 3 points( behind the 3 points line). This is it, for keen punters like us, this definitely will give us the thrill and the challenge:) A 3 pointer with the buzzer , can decide a game, free throw missed, could be the last nail in the coffin of losing a final, world or European Championship,it is so much suspense in every situation, that I can not explain it with word, it has to be felt,bet or seen.

Unfortunately , but most logically people are all in love with football, this is why the name of the posts is second sport for betting. Basket is some how intellectual sports, some kind of academical. You can not go to the hall or stadium with a beer ad start shouting. You have to be all concentrated to see the small moves, the wonderful passes or to recognize what type of zone defense, your team is playing. It is a little bit different. We can now proceed to the difference in betting and the small hints I have for you:

  1. Betting on points – this is the source with much value here. If you are good enough and you know your team, you can take over lines for the first, fourth quarter and for the game. Bookie with the best lines on this market is They are  totally aware of all the basketball games, which are around and most of them are offered also live.
  2. Betting on players’performance – these are may favorite markets. These lines can prove, how good you are in that sport.  If you see for example line of 23,5 points for James Harden and you know he is perfect shape, this is giving you the hint that the offered line is 7 -8 points back from the truth.
  3. To make a corridor in live betting on basket – this is the point, where good punters and smart bettor hit the jackpot. Into the language of the newbies, it can be translated this way. If a favorite stands before the gaem with -7,5 points handicap and during the game it gets losing be 20 points, then the spread should go +6,5 or +7 for the same team. In the 4th quarter if the favorite teams come back and took the win by 8 point, if you took the minus before the game and the plus, this is called corridor. Also it can be seen in under/over lines for the game ( for this issue feel free to contact me :
  4. To make an arbitrage betting from pre-match and live : this is a game of people with “balls”. As all of  you know , this is the time and place where you stake the both outcomes of a gem and took profit between 5 – 12 % .
  5. Early outright betting on wrongly priced team – this situation can happen in local championships , NBA or Euroleague. If you had made such a bet i.e on 21 odds during the tourney and your team starts winning and going straight forward and the odds for it went down to 7 , you can use the option cash-out offered by :


This is the end of the story. I will try to give you in the soonest future some basketball tips , for those of you who will open soon account via bet365 through my links and account  , I will have a special surprise. If you have something to add, do not hesitate to write to me : Have a remarkable day and never stop discovering the secrets of online betting.


Basketball fever

Good morning, dear fans, readers, visitors , punters and nice men and women from all around the world. It is sometimes sad, but not that sad that “King” football is occupying most of our time, thoughts and bets. There is a big “prince“, maybe the most delicate and attracting attention during the last 3 decades.

This “prince” is called basketball. Actually my great love to sports comes from basketball. It is in the details you see, the ball passed, stolen , rebounded or simply slam-dunked in the basket. It is the triumph of man will to fight the gravity and to do impossible things in such small pitch. Yes, this is not the first post about this magnificent game, but when the most important tournaments are coming in Europe ( Eurocup, Eurochallenge and  Euroleague) in USA ( NBA an NCAA) , I feel obliged to say few words and to mention memorable plays bets.

Also I forgot to mention the title of Spain in European Championship , which has ended a week ago. Marc Gasol – when you mention this name, it explains everything. The same effect on the public was achieved when the names of Michael Jordan, Vlade Divac, Toni Kukoc, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Larry Bird and Majic Johnson were pronounced.  Actually , the game of a strong team is dependable much from its leader( check the status , even in football of Barca and Real Madrid when Messi and Ronaldo are not playing). Most of the specialist were on the opinion that Serbia could take the title, Italy and Greece had strong teams also, but for the Spanish the main sentence were, that they are too old. I would say in simple words – “old but gold”. When you have the experience and you already had won everything , you have that little power that differs you from the others.

We are here gathered to take some value form sports we know and realize, when to place the correct bet, according to our bankroll. The first and most important thing, before you place a bet on this wonderful sports is to know the game and if you are watching and betting live to watch what the trainer is doing. To know who is the leader of the team, what type of defense they are playing is it zone defense or personal defense, to know who and when is shooting a lot and with what percentage from the 3 points line. You have to be a walking encyclopedia of numbers and stats. In every moment of the game to be in perfect awareness and confidence , if the odds you see on the screen of your favorite bookies are right , if not which outcome to take.

As it is game of points scored , the most reliable and valuable bets should have been made on Asian handicap and over/under lines for the separate parts of the game. The secret of understanding basketball is also to watch it every time you can. While you watch , you realize a lot of thing and you do learn to see many things behind the scenes.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that NBA will gain more and more spectators this year and the most important thing is that players from all around the world are entering the league every season. Lebron James will reach to the final with Cavaliers. In Euroleague my sympathy is on the side of the current champions – Real Madrid. In NCAA it is always hard to predict , but DUKE and Kansas do have always strong teams. Let’s see some matched going on and I will run into deep details and analysis further.

Wish you the best day , and f you have the chance to pass , pass the ball , maybe the one who will score will teach you how to be better than him in the future 🙂


Serbia vs Italy

It is the European Basketball Championship going on for several days and many  interesting matches we seen. I had the chance to watch the teams of Turkey, Serbia, Germany , Italy and Greece. The tendencies are that NBA players , are much more better that the one who play in Europe and Euro League in basketball. There are also teams who have good percentage from three pointer and score a lot from there ( Serbia and Italy).

We are now here to speak about that upcoming derby. If you see the odds from bookmakers, you will think that Italy have no chance. Yesterday , Serbs smashed the Turks. The truth is that the Serbian team, was the same who made it to the World Finals in basketball previous year against US –dream team. The way Serbs are playing is the way fans and trainer want to see any team: aggressive defense, perfect points from opponent’s turnovers, aggressive rebounds and many good shoots for 2 and 3 points. Yes, they definitely do have self esteem and are really motivated to get the title.

Here come Italy now on the other side of the pitch. Galinari, Bargnani and Molinari -3 brave warriors who can score , rebound and save the team from any different situations. They made yesterday and managed to win against Germany when they had 20 points passive in the first quarter. It was a very interesting game with many points. Points in basketball are like the goals in football, everyone wants to see and celebrate more. Actually the game will be very difficult for the Italians, they are considered as underdogs , but no one knows. Also , on my opinion the game will definitely will go over points. Both teams like scoring 3 pointers, as I had mentioned in the lines above. Also I think that the plus spread for Italians worth to be played.

Before we come to the end of this post,  I would like to say few words about Milos Teodosic. Every good-balanced team has its magician , its brain, its most powerful engine, who does see the game few moves before any other participating on the pitch. This man of honor and smart enough to play chess or solve mathematical problems is able to give killing passes and score unbelievable 3 pointers at any minutes. Right now when I am writing this post, I do remember of a football genius – Pirlo. Just one year ago, he scored a marvelous goal against Torino in the very last minute for the victory 2-1 .

Let’s hope we will see a marvelous basketball performance today from the teams Italy and Serbia. They will definitely do 150 % of their abilities to have the victory at the end. Also I have a point of view and something to emphasize: beware of the game of the “magicians” on the pitch. Always behind a wonderful slamdunk, does stay an incredible pass. The show is starting in few hours, do not dare just to stay and watch.Please, participate with winning bets also.


Basketball – not for all

Hello , dear friends. I know it is the time when the Euro Qualifiers are on their way and everybody wants to read something about it. Probably, you had waited to see some betting tips about it.There will be – but not not today. I had decided to speak today about basketball betting.

If you are a first time visitor,  I would like to admin with a smile, that this is my favorite sports. It has everything I like and all the action is concentrated on very small pitch. I do not know if some of you had played it, there was game “Sokoban“. One small ball-human had to be orientated in labyrinth , this labyrinth was full with ball, and he had to put all the ball in special holes or nest, something common like basket in basketball.

When you come on the basketball pitch, you have so many dilemmas and problems for solving? Is it your day to pass, to shoot , to dribble or to score 3 pointer after 3 pointer. Actually , all these actions are a burden on the shoulders of the trainer. We gathered today to speak about basketball betting.

The main point in this type of betting is to have the value always on your side.

  1. To do some hedge ( small arb steps) . You bet on the underdog before the game, they took the league i,e with 10 points , that you lay the favorite. The gap should be between 5% and 10%. You should have solid bankroll for this case.
  2. To catch the corridor ( I had explained this in the article about arbitrage betting) . The point here is when the line for over/under points is too high and the teams start in a bad way.
  3. If you are too good in the predictions in live betting, you may bet on both sides of handicap, that way to have a winning and catch the corridor , that will make you rich for a while.
  4. The fever in basketball betting is the live lines and to bet when the game had started. Good players bet on over/under lines for quarters and move their money fast and smart.
  5. Player specials – this is according to the coming soon NBA games. This is a pre-event challenge . There are sites for stats for over a decade back and the best punters take the value from wrong bookies odds.

Today is a big day. You may decide , if to bet or not, and it comes time to a basketball betting , you may read this article once again. Bye for now from me 🙂



Never stop believing

Maybe some of you had thought , that when there are many articles about sport, also should have been some about motivation. Sport without motivation, is like a good food without species. We will speak something about motivation today. A motivation and strong will of a tremendous basketball player and not on the last place, very modest and good man.

It is a story about John Stockton. He is one of my favorite basketball players in all time. His passes are that brilliant that even the legendary Magic Johnson had been left speechless after the performance of the great assistant. As we all perfectly know basketball is not a game of points and baskets scored. It is a game of that geniuses, that are able to deliver the “killing” pass or to make brilliant steal .

John was in love with basketball, since he was very small. The problem for all player, who get in love with that marvelous game is the height. He was not that taller as his friends,but he was determined. This is one of the most important thing in live- determination. Almost no one believed that he would appear to be one of the most significant and best players in basketball, not only in USA. Everyone remembers 1992- Olympic games in Barcelona (first dream team). In this team he had memorable players to create magics with : M. Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone , Pat Ewing, Kevin Johnson(my favorite player of Phoenix Suns for all time).

John Stockton also is one of the most loyal players to his club. He did stay in Utah for 18 years, during his all carrier in NBA. The duo with Karl Malone ( the Postman) made Utah one of the best and most beloved teams. Both were like best friend, best players and killing , smart players for the opponents defense.

One of his best qualities is that he was one of the most hard working players . Also he was modest and shy like a 13 years of age , boy. I do love this man, because he was one of those, who make me love this game, this magic, this wonderful , miracle – basketball. Also, everyone remembers his smile, the smile of a winner, but winner who clearly knows , how much efforts are needed, that a boy could come a super star one day.

Never change John. Basketball all around the globe, needs players and humans with that big hearts like yours.


Why basketball?

It has always been so interesting and funny, which sport to chose for playing for you and for your children. The first sport, we think about here in Europe is football. It ‘s because of traditions, because it is one of the most popular ones,because it is the “King” of all sports.

In few of the cases, some children choose the “queen” of all sport – athletics. It is very gracious and definitely one of the most thrilling ones, but men and women, do like and want to compete in a group sport with a ball: football, basketball, volleyball, handball, rugby or american football. Not forgetting to mention cricket and baseball.

Basketball is kind of a science in the world of sports. All of you, who are reading this article and have read other articles of mine, would agree that this is not just an academical game, it is a brain-storm game , it is a strategy with 10 players on the pitch, two marshals in the side lines and one crazy crowd , who is counting the second, wishing and wanting the unbelievable to happen. Basketball is teaching people to be good, to think, to play and to overcome every difficulty they have.

Can you imagine that the rim is 3.05 m high? Every one who had trained or watched basketball games, perfectly knows how hard it is to make a slam -dunk, to score a 3 pointer with the buzzer, to make a free throw basket when the result is equal. This game has been invented with love and magic.

Every single one of you , remember the slogan : ” We love this game”. I will tell you with few paragraphs, why I am deeply in love with this magical piece of art :

1. To see how men jump. They jump , no matter of the gravity , the opponent, the time and space.

2. To count point, no matter if it is a free throw , a 2 point basket , or the best shooter who can make 5 or 6 , three pointers in a row.

3. To see every single game those athletes to appear on the pitch, with bodies of Gods.

4. Two shake hands and to yell, when a player score more than 20 points per game.

5. Too watch with amazement, when heard of a triple-double done.

6. To see and love the slam-dunk competitions held all over the world.

Yes , I love this game. Because , I love the way players, are laughing at gravity, the way they are laughing at stats and mats, when they are breaking record after record. I will love this game till the end of my life.

What about you ?



To know the game

Dear mates, I can not describe you how happy I feel when I am starting to write this article. I love basketball, as some of you may already know. If you you are a first viewer or “tourist” in this blog, you might have thought to yourself that it will be just for football/soccer. You will be totally out of the point.

As the interest is getting bigger, I gave promises in previous articles that I will try to do my best and to cover as many sports I can. Actually my heart is totally in love with basketball. Everything started when I was 13 years of age.

I was in the big break in school and watched some bigger boys playing outside in the court. One of them made an incredible jumps and was scoring 3 pointer after 3 pointer. You know, the first thing I got amazed, was the move of the ball and the gentle , sweeping move into the basket. Like there was a magical vow between the ball and the basket, and especially if there was a net on the basket, it was like a masterpiece of sport, art and nature. Actually the court, the playground, the pitch in this lovely game is a small like, nothing in common like football or american football. I will try to make a smooth analysis of what I love and I am passionate about this thrill, this piece of heaven on Earth called basketball:

1. Passes : you perfectly remember Larry Bird and John Stockton, the guys who could pass the ball so easy that someone from another galaxy could catch it.

2. Dribble : Michael Jordan, Iverson, Kobe and Magic Johnson. They are the “gods” of dribble, you just see the ball, some magnificent fingers and …waaw, the words cannot express the feelings.

3. Rebounds : in no other game there is no such passion about catch the ball , pass it to the guard and organize a counter-attack.

4. One of the most dynamic games in the globe. In parts of the second some 3 pointers could be scored, many dramatic moments could occur, your emotion could turn from smile to tears.

5. NBA and Euroleague gained fans in a rapid speed.

6. Basketball is one of the smartest game in the world. It is a simple game for smart people.

7. It is about athletes, men and women who are able to move so softly , so smoothly like they are flying, like there is no gravity existing for them. Everyone of you had seen an eagle or some bird flying with a great ease and grandeur, same is happening nowadays and in previous moments and times. Just remember the Slam Dunk competitions before NBA All Stars games.

8. Assists : here comes the greatest of all time. Assist like in football is the most generous thing you can do, not be selfish and to give the ball to another team mate , who is in better position than you.

9. Betting in basketball is something unique, when you know the game in deep , you understand what the figures and odds stand for.


The pleasure was all mine, dear visitors. More interesting articles will come about this incredible game.

Stay cool and remember, gravity is for the ones , who do not dare to stand , make the first step and then the jump….

Jump with me ……………



Basketball ( beauty forever)

Dear friends, I am very happy and some how smiling and fulfilled with enjoyment ,while I am writing these lines. The blog, was meant to be just for football, but after I saw your interest and the fast growing popularity, I had decided to write more articles about other sports : basketball, tennis , baseball etc.

My great love is actually basketball. I started laying it , when I was 13 . It was about the magic seen from the T. V . broad-casted games and the genius of those times : Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson , Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and many great men between the rims.

You know , the most important and thrilling thing, I fell in love in basket is the maths , all the movements and plays, the great dynamic and the situations that can happen for a second or for a part of a second.

When you speak or think about basketball, the most important things are: jumps, percentages and the gracious moves of incredible athletes that float into the sky. It is like you are watching F16 or Stelt flying, not a human. Shawn Kemp, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Koby Bryant, Vince Carter, Tracey McGradey and Spud Webb, they do not know what gravitation means.

When you have watches for over 10 times each, the movies ” Come Fly with me ” , “Air Time ” and ” Space Jam” , you are not just in love, you are totally crazy about this game .

Also not forgetting to mention one unbelievable player –Drajen Petrovic (rest in peace genius of all times). Have you heard that he stayed after the training to shoot over 500 free-throws, to shoot another 1500 shoots from 3 pointer , to dribble and to do all the things he was good as a God. Do you remember how modest he was and what smile he had?  Hats down or him . Even Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan were astonished by his moves, shoots and kindness. When we lost Drajen, we lost not just a man, not just a genius basketball player, we lost an angel… R.I.P your basketball majesty …

Here in Europe, we have Euroleague, which this season had been won by Real Madrid. This is the main competition, where you can see the best players in our continent.

This is just the beginning, there will be more articles about this sport. Hope you liked, what you have read. Basketball is a place where 10 strong, smart and very tall men are creating magic in every mini-second of the game ……