Basketball fever ( Croatia-Russia)

ernandez - September 10, 2017

If you dd not know and have not read about, I am firstly a huge and keen fan of basketball. This is the game, which gives food to my imagination and sends bows to the gravitation and mathematical rules. This is not a game, this is a masterpiece, which is holding your breath and keeping your attention on the spot at the court, since the first rebound, lay-up or just an elegant slam dunk. Now there are games from European Championship in basketball and I want to apologize to you that this is my first article about my favorite sport form a very long time. At 20:30 CET two wonderful teams will show up to the fans world wide , what they can do with the orange ball. Yes, you have guessed right , I am speaking about Croatia -Russia. I will try to give my my brief analyses and tipster’s predictions, which will bring value in your sports betting accounts. I forgot to say …

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Thanks to Georgi

ernandez - December 23, 2016

Hello, dear fellows.If this is your first time here, you will think that this is a blog only about football. Football and not so many other sports mentioned. This is totally not true. My big love is called basketball. This is not just a game , it is magical quiz, which you try to solve with every pass, shoot, 3 points scored or just a marvelous block or rebound. It is a chess but only with one ball and 2 baskets. It is a high way with 10 athletes, who are doing remarkable things. Basketball is kind of mathematical problem, which can be solved in billions of different ways. There is one guy  from which I learnt a lot during my 6 years career as a basket player, when I was in high school. He is not just  a man, but a motivation, inspiration and maybe if he could get the chance , he could and should played in NBA. All the winners and strong …

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Second sport for betting

ernandez - November 2, 2016

Hello, dear fans. I call you fans, because you cannot be a bettor, without being a fan of sports club, specific sports or just a marvelous player. Today is sunny in my country and I am prepared for a very long and interesting post. I was thinking to myself recently, that I should writ more about some other sports then football. Basketball is one of the sports with millions of fans, why not billions. Everyone knows the names of : Jordan, Pippen, Lebron James, Dwane Wade, Spanulis, Vlade Divac, Drajen Petrovic ( RIP Croatian legend and hero ) , Steph Kurry, De Andre Jordan , Chris Paul and many others. In game of 40 minutes, in NBA are 48 ( 4 times 12 minutes ) you can see so much of an athletes, jumps, block shot, steals, dynamics, passes that can take your breath , buzzer beaters , come backs i.e your team is losing by 30 points in the end of the 3rd quarter …

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Basketball fever

ernandez - October 6, 2015

Good morning, dear fans, readers, visitors , punters and nice men and women from all around the world. It is sometimes sad, but not that sad that “King” football is occupying most of our time, thoughts and bets. There is a big “prince“, maybe the most delicate and attracting attention during the last 3 decades. This “prince” is called basketball. Actually my great love to sports comes from basketball. It is in the details you see, the ball passed, stolen , rebounded or simply slam-dunked in the basket. It is the triumph of man will to fight the gravity and to do impossible things in such small pitch. Yes, this is not the first post about this magnificent game, but when the most important tournaments are coming in Europe ( Eurocup, Eurochallenge and  Euroleague) in USA ( NBA an NCAA) , I feel obliged to say few words and to mention memorable plays bets. Also I forgot to mention the title of Spain in European …

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Serbia vs Italy

ernandez - September 10, 2015

It is the European Basketball Championship going on for several days and many  interesting matches we seen. I had the chance to watch the teams of Turkey, Serbia, Germany , Italy and Greece. The tendencies are that NBA players , are much more better that the one who play in Europe and Euro League in basketball. There are also teams who have good percentage from three pointer and score a lot from there ( Serbia and Italy). We are now here to speak about that upcoming derby. If you see the odds from bookmakers, you will think that Italy have no chance. Yesterday , Serbs smashed the Turks. The truth is that the Serbian team, was the same who made it to the World Finals in basketball previous year against US –dream team. The way Serbs are playing is the way fans and trainer want to see any team: aggressive defense, perfect points from opponent’s turnovers, aggressive rebounds and many good shoots for 2 and …

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Basketball – not for all

ernandez - August 31, 2015

Hello , dear friends. I know it is the time when the Euro Qualifiers are on their way and everybody wants to read something about it. Probably, you had waited to see some betting tips about it.There will be – but not not today. I had decided to speak today about basketball betting. If you are a first time visitor,  I would like to admin with a smile, that this is my favorite sports. It has everything I like and all the action is concentrated on very small pitch. I do not know if some of you had played it, there was game “Sokoban“. One small ball-human had to be orientated in labyrinth , this labyrinth was full with ball, and he had to put all the ball in special holes or nest, something common like basket in basketball. When you come on the basketball pitch, you have so many dilemmas and problems for solving? Is it your day to pass, to shoot , to …

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Never stop believing

ernandez - August 14, 2015

Maybe some of you had thought , that when there are many articles about sport, also should have been some about motivation. Sport without motivation, is like a good food without species. We will speak something about motivation today. A motivation and strong will of a tremendous basketball player and not on the last place, very modest and good man. It is a story about John Stockton. He is one of my favorite basketball players in all time. His passes are that brilliant that even the legendary Magic Johnson had been left speechless after the performance of the great assistant. As we all perfectly know basketball is not a game of points and baskets scored. It is a game of that geniuses, that are able to deliver the “killing” pass or to make brilliant steal . John was in love with basketball, since he was very small. The problem for all player, who get in love with that marvelous game is the height. He was …

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Why basketball?

ernandez - July 13, 2015

It has always been so interesting and funny, which sport to chose for playing for you and for your children. The first sport, we think about here in Europe is football. It ‘s because of traditions, because it is one of the most popular ones,because it is the “King” of all sports. In few of the cases, some children choose the “queen” of all sport – athletics. It is very gracious and definitely one of the most thrilling ones, but men and women, do like and want to compete in a group sport with a ball: football, basketball, volleyball, handball, rugby or american football. Not forgetting to mention cricket and baseball. Basketball is kind of a science in the world of sports. All of you, who are reading this article and have read other articles of mine, would agree that this is not just an academical game, it is a brain-storm game , it is a strategy with 10 players on the pitch, two marshals …

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To know the game

ernandez - July 6, 2015

Dear mates, I can not describe you how happy I feel when I am starting to write this article. I love basketball, as some of you may already know. If you you are a first viewer or “tourist” in this blog, you might have thought to yourself that it will be just for football/soccer. You will be totally out of the point. As the interest is getting bigger, I gave promises in previous articles that I will try to do my best and to cover as many sports I can. Actually my heart is totally in love with basketball. Everything started when I was 13 years of age. I was in the big break in school and watched some bigger boys playing outside in the court. One of them made an incredible jumps and was scoring 3 pointer after 3 pointer. You know, the first thing I got amazed, was the move of the ball and the gentle , sweeping move into the basket. Like …

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Basketball ( beauty forever)

ernandez - June 6, 2015

Dear friends, I am very happy and some how smiling and fulfilled with enjoyment ,while I am writing these lines. The blog, was meant to be just for football, but after I saw your interest and the fast growing popularity, I had decided to write more articles about other sports : basketball, tennis , baseball etc. My great love is actually basketball. I started laying it , when I was 13 . It was about the magic seen from the T. V . broad-casted games and the genius of those times : Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson , Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and many great men between the rims. You know , the most important and thrilling thing, I fell in love in basket is the maths , all the movements and plays, the great dynamic and the situations that can happen for a second or for a part of a second. When you speak or think about basketball, the most …

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