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1xbet prelievi

Stiamo sempre cercando di fare la scelta giusta e qualche volta  con tutte le alternative che abbiamo risulta molto difficile farla.  Avendo lavorato per piu`di 10 anni nel settore , penso che  posso fare la differenza tra un sito affidabile e uno che lo e`di meno. Lo so quale e` la cosa che interessa i clienti.
Per quanto riguarda le scommesse sportive le cose principali sono due- le quote e  la velocita` dei`pagamenti. Poi ci sono anche due “secondarie ” – i bonus e i limiti.

Io vorrei facilitarvi e dirvi perche` secondo me  1xBet e` la scelta migliore per il momento per quanto rigurda le scommesse in Europa.

– e` il sito con i piu`veloci pagamenti che abbia mai visto. Ci sono numerosissimi possibilita` di  deposito e prelievo  ( piu`di 150! )  , se scegliete di prelevare con i portafogli online   ( tipo skrill ) i soldi saranno trasferiti subito al vostro contro skrill.

– i documenti vanno chiesti una volta sola ( di solito basta uno solo – carta di identita` o passaporto poi siete sicuri che potete prelevare senza problemi in qualsiasi momento. Non esistono le storie degli altri che ti chiedono dei documenti,certificiato di residenza, copie bollette ecc,ecc, solo per poter prolungare il tempo di pagamento .

–  su 1xbet troverete le quote migliori su tutti i mercati di scommessa prematch  o live. ( Il sito non ha licenza AAMS  ecco perche` puo`   avere  condizioni migliori per i propri clienti ,senza rispettare le quote prestabilite dallo stato.
– e` molto facile creare il conto  anche  direttamente da facebook o dal cellulare e iniziare a scommettere

Riepilogando posso dire che questo bookmaker russo fa per chi  vuole  scommettere e prelevare veloce, senza  perdere tempo con registrazioni lunghissime e senza avere dei limiti messi dai quotisti..

Freedom of being..

Very sooon thig magnificent blog will celebrate its 3rd birthday and I am becoming kind of very emotional. It is not only because of the anniversary, it is because of the lots of artlicles, odds, visitors and many nice things I have already created. Yes, I am alone in creating all this contecnt and I am fully proud of it.

I was asking myself recently what is the meaning of freedom and how do I express my sense of freedom? The most reasonable thing having a blog is that you share your personal opinion withou having fear from anything. You just stand up and try to express you emotions and thoughts the best possible way.

So I will try to point how I see the freedom of being a .. :

  • blogger – yes, blogging is just a maginificent process. You put and create something on the net, your own corner and its there and you come back regualrly and check how you “child”is growing during the months and years.
  • tipster – yes, I have started as a tipster in betadvisor. After that I decided to create a blog on my own and this was among the top 5 best decisions in my entire life.
  • influencer – to influence on someone is very tough thing. I just like to help people with the knowledge I have gained during the last 10 years.
  • writer – I hope that very soon one of the best materials in this blog will be published in a book. One of my biggest dreams this is.
  • sports journalist – I am giving sometimes analysis that worth a lot.
  • punter – from time to time I place bets, following my predicitions and it is a very thrilling journey.

Freedom means to fight for your dreams and to make them happen every single second and moment. Do not ever cause yourself the lux to regret for an opportunity not taken. Dreams are for brave people. Just be brave and follow the inner light in your hearts.



When the eagle flies…

It is really a nice time of the day to write about your favorite club. I was watching the standing in Seria A- Italy and realized what a great success Lazio has achieved so far as being on the 3rd place in the ranking. Yes, we are 10 points behind Juventus and 11 behind Napoli, but the success is great.

I was watching two days ago the derby between Inter-Roma. I did not want both teams to win and the draw result was the perfect scenario. Yes, we are the same points as Inter but look what budgets and megastars are the other teams having. We are fighting for the Champions League next season.

What are the main points for achieving such great accomplishment so far :

  • Simone Inzaghi – he is more of a manager. He is a close friend of the players and a good motivator.
  • Sergej Milinkovic- Savic – the man who is playing enormously good( look at the goals he scored versus Chievo, especially the volley with the left leg).
  • Ciro- Immobile is a massive player, who now and is getting re-born in the team of Lazio. Even if he is not scoring, he is giving magnificent passes.
  • the fans – Curva Nord( with such passionate fans you can create miracles).
  • The victory versus Juventus in Torino – waaw, this was the top game of the team from Rome.
  • Nani, Leiva and the new players -just pure diamonds, which are fitting nice in the playing scheme.

We are awaiting more form Lazio. Forza ragazzi 🙂

Juventus is chasing

Seria A has become one of the most interesting Championships in football this year, in Europe. Napoli is in a perfect shape and most probably will win the title. Juventus will win tonight versus Genoa.

I would like to say few words about the last night derby – Inter vs. Roma. It was kind of a sad game. tactically Rome was the better team and Inter suffered a lot when it was about scoring. Luciano Spaletti has to buy new players or just to change the scheme. Those long passes to Icardi, who is also into consideration of three defensive players, looks old and ugly. Inter with that type of playing will surely drop off from top 4.

About tonight game at Juventus Arena what shall we expect? Maybe a lot of goals or maybe too many times usage of VAR ( Video Assistance Referee ), I do not like this system at all. It is kind of the dark ages symbol. It is kind of playing blind on chess or blond hands on poker.

What shall we expect as a punter? Which markets deserve our attention?

  • Over 2,5 goals in the game – it is time for the Argentinian duo – Dybala and Higuain to show what they are capable of.
  • Asian handicap for Juventus ( -1,5 and -1,75)-  actually, I think the “old segnora” will win with at least 3-0 score.
  • Correct score – 3-0 or 4-1 for Juve.
  • Many corners – my favorite market.

Good luck to all.