August 2017

English Sunday

ernandez - August 27, 2017
Liverpool vs Arsenal

Today is a remarkable Sunday. There will be two magnificent games at UK, Premier League. All the football fans around the globe dream and wait for derbies like this. Big clashes , which change your attitude and emotions, while waiting for the next breath-taking moment and matches. To be a good narrator is my another job, but actually I do not want to lose your time. We are here to make ourselves concentrated and to be strict on the winning markets, margins and stakes. This is our common goal. I bet it did not take you too long to understand and estimate about which games I am speaking currently about: Chelsea – Everton: everything except winning in this game will be a total disaster for the London Blues. Manchester United have taken this year competition very serious and are in from on the table with 9 points. In the previous game home team suffered a lot versus Tottenham. Conte has to show different style at …

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Bet with a smile

ernandez - August 24, 2017

Good day, I am in a mood for giving good and valuable predictions. It will be Europa League night and many interesting games are about to be played. It will be more dramatic rather than interesting. Interest and money are our main goals. To be good in something it is not an impossible issue or mission. Only you have to be patient and concentrated. If you lose your focus at any point, you might get lost in the middle of nowhere.  My point is to keep you in a good mood and shape, in order to bet on the most reliable outcomes of football event. For tonight I have prepared for you two very interesting games. I think that we will count the winnings with an ease right after the games had finished. Let’s see who the matches are : Zenith – Utrecht: home team has to score at least two goals in order to proceed further. Teams from Netherlands play very aggressive and open football and …

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This time for Lazio

ernandez - August 13, 2017
Super Cup Italy - top pix

We are in a few hours distance from a top Italian derby. Two team who have played for the Cup Of Italy will now play for the Super Cup. You all have clearly understood that is a matter and a word about Lazio – Juventus. It is always a bit of David versus Goliath battle, but as long as we breath we will believe… As a matter of fact Lazio will play at their home pitch – Stadio Olimpico, this maybe treated as an advantage but versus Juventus is always very hard and tough. Old segnora is the team who is dictating the style and mode in the Italian soccer.All of you remember how they have eliminated Barcelona without letting them score a single goal. They do have one of the best defenses in the world. So lets take a look at my prediction for this Italian derby: Draw result in the regular time ( 0-0 or 1-1) – it is quite valuable prognosis. Lazio …

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Dare me , if you can

ernandez - August 7, 2017

Who wants to be dared? Do you love the challenge? Of what challenges am I speaking about? Are these questions just an extraordinary way to start a new post? I do not know, I just wanted to start with something fresh… It will be a huge game to play next to my country, just some 300 km west from Sofia. It will be dramatic, I wanted to see this spectacle with my favorite Real Madrid ” dream team”, but I will be at work. However, lets speak about something funny and interesting. We are all here for one purpose – to earn money and to entertain each other… Let the party begin : In every game , Real Madrid is a huge favorite, not only because of his trainer and marvelous players, but because of its eternal spirit for victory. As I am speaking these words, the first prognosis comes onto my mind : Asian handicap -0,5 for Real odds as per bet365 is 2. …

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Community shield – time for action

ernandez - August 6, 2017

It is a Sunday promising day. What is promise us: emotions, feelings, bets and constant fever for more up-coming derbies and breath-taking moments? It is a very special game which will take place today in UK. Two team will show their bets before the season starts at 12th of August. When two teams face each other in too important games, the main people are the trainers – managers. If something went wrong with the line-ups or with the playing scheme during the game, their is the whole responsibility. When we speak of Antionio Conte and Arsen Wenger we should all raise up and put out hats down. They are marvelous persons and managers who can win anything in any of the top 5 Football Championships in Europe. But this is a sports betting blog  and I am about to make you analysis of the most profitable odds for this final as per my favorite bookmaker bet365 : Both teams to score – odds is 1.62 …

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